Thursday, August 2, 2007


14 July 2007

this so outdated 14 July.. /swt.. okie! that day went to Dragon-i with elaine's at 1U.. so we tried Dragon-i 'lai min'. I would say it really the nice eh! The 'lai min' and soup memang nice can? Rated 9/10.. Although it's expensive but it worth! We also ordered 'siu long bao', RM8 for 4 biji.. this ones nice also.. must deep with itu souce.. I would rate 8/10..

Really had no mood to blog, laptop cant online (wireless connection sot edi). No choice, i have to use another comp.(old comp.) to online.. I meant very the old can? sometimes will lag sei.. bout a monthdidn't online through my laptop.. so the kesian la!


YeeLeng said...

who is the her leh?

YeeLeng said...

pics noise giler.. kesian kesian

Hon Mun said...

- Si Elaine.. that day u kan tau edi.. /slap

- using hp cam. lah! summo itu lighting macam pig.. aihzzz

YeeLeng said...

lu tarak kasi tau.. xD

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