Sunday, September 16, 2007

Munster's the Baker

Last month ago, went to Bakers Valley kepong... Mr. Pung the Chief Baker called me for a favor. He asked me to help him record-down the steps on how to bake roti. I had nothing to do at home, so went there help him lor. Alvin was there too.

Here's goes the pictures:

After finished record the video, then is my turn to show off my baking skills. /gg

It was my first roti I bake. It's seem so easy but once you do it wrongly, the "yellow-ish" benda will become sticky and can't use it edi. ( Don't know what it the name)

nice can!?

not bad.. LOL!

See the result, defitinely nice and perfect!

weeee.. my first experiene on baking a roti.. it was fun to bake play a roti =)
anyone's need a baker sifu...??

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

luckily you just play play.If you are the baker sifu..i think nobody will buy your roti..hahahah

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