Monday, April 21, 2008

A day at Look Out Point

Ok, last week went there again, my 2nd time to there. with 20, mt, and kelvin. It was sunday, thought will be canceling this utings since going to rain on tat day, end up we go there juga. Thanks to their sixth sense. Let's gambar bercerita now;

1 - LookOutPoint
*HonMun's with Special sizzling chicken chop*

2 - LookOutPoint
*YeeLeng's ordered this Mushroom chicken chop*

3 - LookOutPoint
*approx. 20 minutes drive from wangsa maju to here*

4 - LookOutPoint

5 - LookOutPoint

6 - LookOutPoint
*sunset..nice can*

7 - LookOutPoint
sunset from my house *coughs*

8 - LookOutPoint
*woah nice sei..*

9 - LookOutPoint
*who want to go there?*

after that we went to SS2 Murni for supper? yumcha? ...

10 - LookOutPoint
*ribena longan rm5?* i can make this at home lar =)

11 - LookOutPoint
*roti beckham - rm5*

12 - LookOutPoint
*spaghetti meatballs.. the meatballs so big can @.@ - rm12*

where's the group photos? send send!

on leave today.. tomolo's have to back to work.. sad-nyer..


vertexdesign said...

so rich and free man , good ~

Hon Mun said...

i went there on weekend mah.. =)

Horny Ang Moh said...

Yummy yummy food! Pity it is too expensive for me!
BTW tq very much for dropping on my 'horny' site!
Have a very nice day!

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