Saturday, May 31, 2008

Adverlets: Movie Date!

get to know this from

Okie. Just wanna try my luck here. =D

Joined for quite a time and this is my 1st time to write a post for movie date.

Why I will like to join for a movie date to watch Made Of Honour, with Advertlets!?
- perhaps it's a chance for me to meet up with other bloggers. movie watching together with all bloggers *blink* should be fun I guess. (simple-kan)

Hope I can make it, and joining Adverlets for a big movie date!

Do you want to have a date?
Just write a post on your blog, and tell why you’ll like to join Adverlets for a movie date. click here to Advertlets blog


Geralvin said...

Hihi, u participating this as well. Haha. glad to know u, I guess they have send u a mail to inform u that they reserved 2 tickets for u, rite?
They send me saying that they reserved 2 tickets for me. Actually I wish to ask u, how to redeem it? I not so understand. Ant its totally free, rite?

Geralvin said...

Do reply to my blog if u free, thx.

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