Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Because of 'o.d.m.'

I'm at home now. js woke up.. zzzz

A week ago, me and my interns gang plan to buy watches, this what I bought;

Because of o.d.m. 1
*ohh deee mmm*

Because of o.d.m. 2

Because of o.d.m. 3
*blink blink*

Because of o.d.m. 1
*4 hours 52 minutes & 34 seconds*

Because of o.d.m. 5
*gaya, mutu, keunggulan*

*our new watches syokzz*

-Feel like buying a new watch?-

sleepy + sienzationing.. slap me pls...


Anonymous said...

putih itu i suka!!! XDXD
slap slap!!!

Hon Mun said...

farica: /slap.. i suka the black one!!!

Anonymous said...

wa.. y u curi my watch? haha

Hon Mun said...

andrew: it's mine!!! mine! ahaha..

k3lv1n87 said...

yerrr.. mine nicer lo..

Hon Mun said...

both also nice can.. ahaha

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