Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Yumcha @ Wong Kok

A week ago went out with the usual internship gang for movie "My Wife Is A Gambling Maestro" at GSC Pavilion. Bump up with 3 friends and joined us for movie. Rating for this movie: 2/5

before movie starts, we went to Wong Kok's yumcha since the interior was so the nice *cantiks* love their interior lighting especially at night;
WongKok Pavilion 1
forgotten what's the drinks name @.@

WongKok Pavilion 2
interiors (now only realize js took one pic of interiors)

WongKok Pavilion 3
sum, yau, vyen

wong kok's entrance (with VIP card)


Shiveeleaves said...

if got VIP Card how?
more discount and can seat while waiting?

Hon Mun said...

Darren: tat's not vip card js normal membership card. ahaha.

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