Thursday, June 12, 2008

Do you Euro? - Part 2

Prrritttt! here go my Euro part 2, felt bored after bergambar with snacks.. Kit's got this idea that place the sofa in front of lcd tv and start camwhore.. zzz

this is life!

Euro 2008 - Part 2.1
*happy euro year 2008!*

Euro 2008 - Part 2.2
*different pose yes-no-mmm-ahh*

and then we start to play with the tv...

Euro 2008 - Part 2.3
*so small can*

Euro 2008 - Part 2.4
*cucuk your see-fat*

Euro 2008 - Part 2.5
*grab you all!! muahaha!!*

ROTFLMAO when viewing back all the photos, seriously cannot tahan.. donno why we done this maciam @.@

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