Thursday, June 19, 2008

Made of Honour with bloggers

Went to Advertlest movie date "Made of Honour" @ TGV one utama.. Kim, DG, Darren and myself were there.. before movie we went for dinner in WongKok..

wongkok - 1

wongkok - 2

I was kinda failed on that nite, thought can be more socialize. Try again next time Munster. Neways, at least I get to meet up few bloggers that I know thru blog hopping.

Munster , smashin'pOp, Darren
Me, pOp, Darren

Joshua, Munster
Joshua aka Tallboyz and me

simonso and me

the crowd!..
bye all~ time to sleep now..
having an event tomolo morning! Choizes!

*click image for larger size view


Jeffro said...

LOOk likes lotsa fun.. *sigh* cudnt go that day, was darn busy.. T_T

btw, sudddddenly got 1 animated guy at the last pic???

Hon Mun said...

next coming event must join k..

i take that pic from fren blog..

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