Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sony Alpha A300

My first classmates to be Alphagrapher, DC!
Yesterday's went to Sg.Wang to accompany DC to buy his first dSLR. (actually I go along to sibuk-sibuk want) XD. He's so happy with his Alpha now, can shoot nice nice pics jor. Anyways, here are some photos taken by Kim during the dealing process;

DC's A300 - 1

DC's A300 - 2

DC's A300 - 3

DC's A300 -

Congratz DC! Happy Alphagrapher!
check out his blog here!


MT said...

the full pack comes with twin lens?

Jeffro said...

O.O sony alpha 300!!! I WANT!!

Hon Mun said...

mt: nope..

jeffro: I want an Alpha too!

Jeffro said...

well too bad alpha's out of my budget.. it cud buy me 2 A720's..

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