Tuesday, July 15, 2008


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did you watch "One Day Five Meals" for the past few weeks?
click here and here

It so tempting to try out this cheese fondue right after watch the show, so last week I called few of them to join me for cheese hunting and only 3 of us make it. This restaurant was located in Taman Billion, Cheras somewhere nearby the roundabout to connaught.

Rendezvous 1
we ordered: Cheese Chicken Chop, Chicken Lasagna, Cheese Fish Fondue

Their lasagna not nice at all.. @.@ other foods just ok for me..

Rendezvous 2
Drinks we ordered: Kiwi Ice Blended, Honey Lemon(mine! nice!), Strawberry Longan.

before we left, group picture! Sum,Vyen, HonMun


did you try before this cheese thingy? how was it taste?


Shiveeleaves said...

itu cheese can tak and makan how many you like ka?

Anonymous said...

strawberry lagon!!

ur food picture now increase better lorh!! better angles and colors

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