Sunday, August 3, 2008

Are you done showering yet?

Are you done showering yet?

got to get my shower first!

ps: I couldn't sign in msn for 5 days! Internet line superb slow. Same goes to some of my friends. Anyone's face this problem before?


winNie said...

1. ask dylan take off his clothe if he really wan2 shower there =p
2. call streaymx, open a complain fie, n ask them to fix it! i faced this kind of problem b4

Jeffro said...

U faced the same problem too?
5 freaking days..
i could only surf sites wif .my =.="
believe me, there's nothing to see..

my msn was screwed till today..
i think it has been a week ady..

princess_YEN said...

Speaking of msn.. it really has a serious biggie prob! I can't sign in for who-knows how long ady.. >_<"

Gaved up and did other stuffs instead.. Lol~

Hon Mun said...

[all] thanks for the comments! my internet line should be stable for this moments..


i still couldn't sign in my msn! *roarrr* ebuddy-ing

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