Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Super Enjoy is Here.

Continue from Part 3 here, of my 2 days 1 night in Klang.

Here goes the final post from Taman Pertanian Malaysia. After Taman Haiwan, we went into Rumah Iklim @ Four Season House. Ticket price are at RM3 per adult. Nothing much special or interesting in there, just the cooling air.

Four Season 1

Feel so nice and cooling after a hot day out there cycling for few hours...

Four Season 2

Four Season 3

Four Season 4

Four Season  5
Fai : CheeKin : Fish : Loong

Four Season  6
Random pic in Four Season House

Enough with cooling air, let's back to Paddy Field walk around, photo-tembak, and a group photo of us.


Good old days.. =)


♥Berry_Grace♥ said...

bukit cahaya?? shah alam there de??
yer, me wish go there leh.. juz my fren dun1 go oso n no transport oso..
there i went b4, is very nice...
got rent bicycle?? haha...
by d way, 'ten brother'??
me oso having a gang cal 'ten brother' oso... them is noe each other since veli small.. hehe (^_^)
'ten brother'.. sound veli nice..
must appreciate oh..

~pR!nC3sS~ said...

wow i like this 10 bros pic.. nicely taken ^_^

Unknown said...

yo. been here thru youthsays. are you interested in photography? i wrote something about photography at my blog take a peek at it (",)y

Hon Mun said...

Yeah! Shah Alam's there!
Got rent lor, ride til my sifat oso sakit.. very tiring one.. lol

Find one day ajak vyen n yau go..

Thanks Sarah! I personally like that photo too.

Yesh! i will have a peek there. Thx for visiting here. =)

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