Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Winner Takes It All.

...The loser standing small~

Let's back to the month of August 2008, in the week 1 our school are having an intra-school sports carnival.. took part in Tug of War and be the champion for 2008/09. We had defeated more than 20 teams to be the winner! tough-nyer.

The Gold Medal

The Winners
The Winners!

p/s: Actually there is just only 3 teams who registered, we get through the final and be the champion. Cos' our opponent in the final didn't show up their not-so-hemsem-faces, in short it called FFK. So the winner takes it all~ =)


Penny said...

oh~u study at tarc too ^^

Hon Mun said...

Yesh Penny.. im from tarc too.. =)

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