Thursday, November 6, 2008

888 Coffee & Tea

Venue: 888, Dataran Sunway
Date: 4 October 2008
Time: 4PM

Random weekend tea time with Kelvin and YeeLeng @ 888 Coffee & Tea. Nice place to chill out with friends. Definitely I will pay for next visit, 888! anyone mau join? (random post, so just more photos and caption =p)

888 Cafe - 1
1) The menu.

888 Cafe - 2
2) Interior. (forget to take front view)

888 Cafe - 3
3) Sago Gula Malacca. (mine)

4) Tea.

888 Cafe - 5
5) Lime Juice.

Kelvin bring along cupcakes too. He make one. lolol taste not bad lah.. =p

888 Cafe - 6
6) Cupcakes. (Lemon & Grape)


wynki said...

how the Sago Gula Malacca tastes act?

Hon Mun said...

sweet. coconut milk. nice. maciam jelly.


ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...

Luckily already had my breakfast when I crossed your blog.hehehe~

YeeLeng said...

lol.. so next time you're going there you'll ajak me along kan kan kan?

Hon Mun said...

lol. thx for visiting =)

yesh yesh yesh!

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