Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Desa Park City

Week 12 now, 1 assignment down, another 2 to celebrate with Christmas! Good luck all my classmates.. FYP!!

An evening at Desa Park City with Darren. These happens 2 months ago, he called me to join him for sunset shooting, that day weather was nice. We shot from evening til the sky become dark. Falling in love with DPC. Bila mau go there in morning?

27th October 2008.

1) Taken with 50mm. Love this shot...

Lights @ DPC:

2) Water reflections.

3) Water reflections 2.

4) Spot light.

5) Nature.

6) Green Lights.

All these photo has not edited. I will post more photo from DPC in November outing. Cheers all! bye..


MT said...

hey...i like your first pic......nice

pic 4 also quite nice....

Hon Mun said...

Yeah! I love the first pic too!

藍空 said...

yaya, tat look nice

Hon Mun said...

yesh nice! =)

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