Sunday, January 4, 2009

Faces @ Frames, TTDI.

Don't have much interior photo of Frames. Just 2 photo for now okay.. instead of interior, we did some camwhore group shot. The faces inFrames.. *thanks MT's for the group pic*

I would say the place not really that big, just can fit about 30 costumers for the whole place. Nevertheless, I love their interior design, photo frames at every corner, surrounding you can.

1) Nice can.

2) Photo frames displayed on the shelf.

Here goes the lengzai/lenglui faces:





Okays. End my post here, have a nap 1st then back to assignment! *sighh-lazyyyy*

p/s: 2 more weeks! enjoy kao-kao college life~ T.T


winNie said...

hemsem looks like monkey in the 6th photo... -.-"

Shiveeleaves said...

why mt face and expression always the same?

cmei said...

pic4... behind 20 got hantu... aaaaa...*scared*

poh yee said...

yah wo, mt no different 1

cmei said...

mt same like his bested fren... no different in pictures... mt pls dun kill me cos i'm jus telling the truth *innocent mode ON*

Hon Mun said...

ishhh.. =.=

lolol.. his pattern..

yesh! hantu! =p
his bested fren?

same pattern, no change one..

cmei said...

his bested fren... u ask him better... he know better cos is his bested fren... haha.. mt pls dun kill me.. today i say wat oso true n pure.. n oso today is my day,.. this month is mine.. dun kill me.. cos too young.. i'm jus 16 ^o^

Hon Mun said...

16?? lolol Happy Birthday!

MT said...

[cmei] hahaha...don worry...i wont kill u during ur

yea...tat is my

cmei said...

munster cannot 16 meh?? haha.. thats the fact..

mt so u agree u same wif ur bested fren ma??

Hon Mun said...

lolol pattern..

can can! u bday mah.. apa oso can.. lolol

cmei said...

really wat oso can?? apa pun boleh??

Hon Mun said...

expired d la.. today's not ur bday.. lol

marcusan said...

heys.. was the place good? its my frens place, and ive yet to go there 'pong chan' haha...

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