Friday, February 27, 2009

My Chinese New Year Outing.

Year 2009 - Not much photo taking in the month January besides Youth'09 & Chinese New Year. Skipping all, and now I'm going to belog about my CNY outings. For the past few years, the faces are all same, with the usual people 'bai nian' for 3 years I guess (kel,20,dylan,elaine,me) but these year 2009 was different. 'Bai Nian' outing with plurkers and some of Kelvin's classmate.. lol

Participants: Munster, YeeLeng, Kelvin, Dylan, Darren, Egg, Kim, DG, PuiYee poE, SweeCheng, Aireen, & her friend.

House by house visiting, gambling, eating, drinking, crapping, photo taking, bla bla bla - We did missed to visit few houses due to the time. Okays, group shot taken at every house we visited (.GIF)

#1 - First stop @ Kak Leng's place.

#2 - 2nd stop, Egg the Telur Goreng.

#3 - Munster's Palace.

#4 - Next, Darkcursed!

#5 - DG's the smartest choice!

Pui Yee
#6 - Sam Pui Yee!

That's all for my 'bai nian' one day with friends, mostly all of them had Plurk! (=.=)
I miss all of my friends! AMLers!


Kuntong said...

how to do the (.GIF)? so nice.

Darkcursed's hse mia fan also got different pose. lol

Pui Yee's hse got sum 1 at the far 'sumthng else' ...kakaka

Hon Mun said...


LOL! it done by using Adobe Image Ready.. =)

The fan with different pose, i feel like funny also *fan pun know how to pose* ahaha..

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