Saturday, March 7, 2009

Chinese New Year Outing with Classmates.

Continuing my CNY outing, on the day 9 was the first 'bai nian' outing my classmates, there were like around 13 people who's joined this outing. It's great to 'bai nian' with them, hopes the next year will be the same and more people joining.

Let make it short here, we had 2 days 1 night 'bai nian' outing with 13 people including myself - hunting down 6 houses at KL and 2 at Klang. First 5 house visiting was Dylan, Me, DyiChee, Kim, Sum, & JiePeng - the night following by Klang's kaki Fish & Steve.


As usual for gambling is a must to do - almost gambled at everyhouse *cny tradision* We play. We jokes. With all kind of expression & laughter. A good things to be memorable each of us - missing those days we all together for football, arcade, study group at mcd, and so on.


Win and lose doesn't matter, what we had was happiness and fun. As you can see Ah Mok (pic above) is damn happy with his cards, black jack kah? He replied dim gai geh.


Chinese new year junk food damn nice - The most I like was fried seaweed wrapped with popiah skin (pic above) and other like fried crabstick. Eating junk food together, sharing talk each other, eat & laugh - the best thing to do with.

We do take group shot at every house we visited, at least we had something to keep as a memory. Wondering after few years, viewing back all these group shot, it will be damn memorable. See all the faces, happy smiling everyone. *aihzz! missed a group shot at my house lah, next year must ganti!*





Random group shot by now - Some group shot was in Sum's camera, haven't got from him. Who's in the group shot? *counting heads* 13 people's.. no less, correct. There were Joshua, Fish, Cheekin, Fai, WeiKiat, Mok, JiePeng, Steve, Dylan, Kim, DyiChee, Sum, & myself. Really missing those days we spent in college.

Time flies so fast, it's already a month after CNY days. I could consider these an emo post.. lol Anyways, I will blog about what we done in Klang. Yeah! its food! i know what kind of food you thinking of..

Good nights people,

-be Munster-


winNie said...

happy happy~

Anonymous said...

lol i miss the days we spent whole day doing nothing too, eish since when we all d grown up, time flies, damn

Wen Xian Joshua said... i wish every CNY also filled with AML naive faces...

Hon Mun said...

Happy *smile*

aikss.. time flies.. do keep in touch with each others.. =)

missing the 'scanning dit dit dit arounds' day while playing football.. grrr

naive faces? LOL!! don worry, coming CNY we must hav another outing.

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