Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kajang Satay with AMLers.

*FYI, AMLers are equal to my classmates! lol*

Okays, the finale post for 'bai nian' outing with my classmates. Done with breakfast, and we took KTM train to Kajang for the last house visiting of the day - kinda long journey from Klang to Kajang, interchange at KL Sentral. Overall it took us about 2 hours journey to Kajang. lol.

Once we reached Kajang, we walked for 15 minutes to Camie's house. *no photo taken from my camera, everyone already exhausted with the walks.. lolol*

It's a must to eat Kajang Satay when you visiting Kajang. (lol i'm promoting) - Kajang famouse with satay, Klang famous with bak kut teh, can anyone let me know Kepong famous with what kind of food???!

Restaurant Malaysia
#1 - the famous place with Kajang Satay.

#2 - Satay Ayam.

#3 - Satay Itik. (1st time to try Itik, damn nice!)

#4 - Ketupat.

#5 - Ordered extra. Here goes the 20 sticks of Satay Ayam.

#6 - Another 20 sticks of Satay Kambing. This one nice..

#7 - The famous Kajang Satay, Restaurant Malaysia.

We had nearly 200 sticks of satay, it cost us about RM200+ (guys, correct me if I got the wrong digits.. =p) These was the last destination accordingly to the outing plan - everyone was filled with Satay and it's time to back home. See you guys on the next 'bai nian' outing. 2010!



Kuntong said...

i never eat kajang satay for so many years. eventhough my gf stay at kajang. ==

Hon Mun said...

lol you ask ur gf bring you to have a try.. famous satay n nice lol

must try the satay itik!.. =)

Connie Lam said...

♥ Satay!! *drool*

winNie said...

a chinese owned satay restaurant?

Hon Mun said...

Yeah! satay nice, must to try if you hvnt. =)

I guess is Chinese owner.. woot! sedapss

winNie said...

i makan malay satay usually when i visit kajang. next time should try some chinese style satay :p

Hon Mun said...

I guess the taste almost the same.. =)

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