Thursday, March 26, 2009

Untitled Loves.

"La la la la la la la... do do do do do"

Lovin' You - Minnie Riperton


Snapping is Sharing , Sharing is Caring. Does Caring is Loves? Random photo for tonight, Love Streetlight - have a lovely dream tonight. Good night people's. =)

Are you in Love?

Here's Mr. HonMun singing out. Bye.


winNie said...

finally now i know the usage of bokeh *wakaka*

Kai and Baobei said...

i only saw ur random photo now, morning hours, how ? hahahaha ~

Shiveeleaves said...

so finally mat dee cup do the job?

HitoMi^^ said...

wah..sing la la la la then do do do do then gao dim??

how can la

Hon Mun said...

smart girl~ =p

only at dark places can see the result..

not yet.. ahaha

kaw tim lor.. lalala~ XD

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