Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Munster gone banana

Yeah! This is munster0606.blogspot.com , you are here right now!

Okies. Just changed my blog header and some font colors. Why changed? Cos previously header very the sien edi, it's time to change. I had chosen yellow for header and fonts, and now overall my blog kinda looks like banana. I love yellow can!?

Apparently, I didn't update my blog for so so so long, I meant very long time no update! Sigh~ apa boleh buat?.. Got a lot things to blog it but I just don't have the feelings to blog. How ar? Anyone's mahu offer me counselling? XD (Asked Si 20, she says 5 bucks for counselling me. So baik? vomitted).

Anyways, I just wanna shout "Munster gone bananas!!!!"

Note: She's coming back tomorrow from hospital. Yeah!!

1 comment:

YeeLeng said...

5 bucks consider cheap la..
Others i charge 50 bucks tau?

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