Monday, August 20, 2007

Piece of 3D's

Yesterday's 3D... Lecturer want us create 4 3D's object and submit it on the day. The one I like most was the 1st image… so the 3D look can? Can't you feel it? Now was in week 13, so far my 3D's skills cukup makan only. Some even more better than me.. I didn't manage to finish up the last 3D that was a hammer but luckly she said submit the 4 on next week!

Did you know why I it done so nice?
cos it was a test! so have to do better lah

Tong? english don't know apa nama edi..
no idea.. what name is this?
This I know. LCD screen! not so 3D rite? lighting prob I guess

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Anonymous said...

The LCD looks fake. I think you use photoshop to do it will looks better than this. Hahaha....

Hon Mun said...

LOL! maybe lighting problem le.. /e5

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