Monday, July 20, 2009

"The Proposal" Movie Screening.

Just back from movie "The Proposal" movie screening by Advertlets @ Tropicana City Mall. This is my second screening with Advertlets bloggers (previous movie screening by Advertlets, a year ago lolol). I is there alone, not really talk as I is kinda weak in socializing with people's - but at least I has greet some people I know.. lolol aihzzz.. =)

The-Proposal by Advertlets.

Thanks Jason for the ticket. =)


Jacquelyn Ho said...

eeks. u went also! well too bad i was back in hometown on the same night so couldn't join.

you going for screening on thurs by NN?

Hon Mun said...


Nice movie weh! must go watch..

I'm not going for the screening, didn't get any invitation lolol..

btw what's movie on thursday screening?

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