Thursday, January 28, 2010

Project 365: #28 - Souvenir from Taiwan.

Souvenir from a friend who went holidays to Taiwan few weeks ago. One of the souvenir she get for the friends, Herbal Rice Cakes - tastes delicious and have stuffing of different flavors such as red beans, green beans, dried radishes, taros, pickled cabbages, etc. The fragrance and agreeable taste of the cakes always attracts people to buy more and eat more.

Project 365: #28.

Definitely can't be eaten, it's just a handphone strap.


By the way, had you voted for my photo? Hehehe.. I had shorten the steps into 4 instead of the previous one, easy and convenience for everyone now.

1. Go to
3. Look for "Alicia, Theme: Colours", click vote.
4. Vote for "Loh Hon Mun" the 3 Green Apples.

Thanks for your support! I'm desperate for the votes... =D

1 comment:

Ken Wooi said...

haha.. at first i thought its a sweet =)

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