Monday, November 30, 2009

I’m a Sherlock Holmes in the Making

I’m a Sherlock Holmes in the Making

Nuffnang Premiere Screening – Sherlock Holmes

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ninja Assassin Premiere Screening.

Woots! I'm just back from the screening and yumcha at KTZ. Storyline is normal, killing part is cool, blood splashing around just like 'paip bocor', cant stop laughing at those Overall for this movie is okay, rate for 6.5/10. Go watch, Hello Raizo! your heart is special...

Ninja Assassin Premiere Screening.
Thanks NuffnangMY for the tickets...

and also thankiu Eggy for the extra to tickets =) Gotta sleep now, happy Wednesday~ Inspirations please come back to me... *nom nom nom*

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The return of McDonald's Prosperity Burger.

"Celebrate the return of PROSPERITY BURGER! Now available on McValue Lunch with Twister Fries and Coke at ONLY RM9.95."

Just back from McDonald's Plaza Mont Kiara for lunch, I have Prosperity Burger McValue set comes with twister fries and coke. Today is the first day the return of Prosperity Burger, super love the twister fries, and the prosperity burger. Yummmyyy..

McDonald's Beef Prosperity Burger.
#1 - Beef Prosperity Burger.

McDonald's Twister Fries.
#2 - Twister Fries. Best!

For your information, it's only available in Beef for now! Chicken will be out next month or perhaps next year lolol I personally prefer the beef one... I'm lovin' it!

Are you a fans of McDonald's?? be a fans of McDonald's Malaysia here.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Random: New Tiger FC member card.

I'm on leave today, feel so nice that I had 4 hours nap this evening *rainy day*. Today woke up earlier than my working day hour to be in college by 9am - collected my convocation gown that will be held on this Saturday 14th, can't wait for the day to come.. family and friends the best!

Okay, just a random post now - received my Tiger FC member card by mail this evening, feel surprise at first cos' I wonder when I signed up for the card. lololol I recall back that's was in August 2008 where a guy approach me and friends to sign up as Tiger FC member where we at Grey 2 (G2) for part time interview job. (Hi Evelyn! long time no see.. XD)

Last but not least, here's my Tiger FC member card:

Tiger FC Member Card 2009

Thanks Tiger FC!

Nuffnang Premiere Screening of 2012.

Just got back from premiere screening 2012 the movie at Cathay Cineplex. Courtesy of Sony Pictures. Thanks Nuffnang. 2 hours 40 minutes, very nice movie indeed - it's like doomsday, saying bye bye to earth... 8/10. Must watch can...

Premiere Screening of 2012
Our tickets. Thanks Nuffnang.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Malaysia International Fashion Week 2009 (M-IFW) - Teaser Post.

Yeah! I'm back to updating my blog now.. lol So what's now? It's Malaysia International Fashion Week 2009  (MIFW) that ended 2 days ago at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. I was there on Saturday session with few photogs kaki, these year event was more grand compared to last year 2008 that I attended. Check it out here and here

As it was teaser post, here we go the photos:









Hopefully more details and photos to be up soon or perhaps after 1 month *pray* XD

Most of the photo has cropped as I was using 18-50mm F2.8 on that day. Thanks Yee Leng! =)

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