Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Avril's the Darknight

My wednesday.. who I met today?

I met 3 Avril Lavigne's in school.. woots!
....anyone's going to her concert these august?

and the superhereos..

The Dark Knight! why he look so serious?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Penang Day 2.2

Me didn't drive in Penang, Cmei's be our tour guides all day we in Penang. Thanks Cmei's for bringing we all makan makan and jalan jalan.

It's time to dinner! *i had no idea where is these place and it names*. Let's pictures do the makan talk:

Penang Day 2.2 - a
*having our tong sui*

Penang Day 2.2 - b

Penang Day 2.2 - c
*CharKueyTeow with 'lai liu har', Hor Fun, Chicken*

Penang Day 2.2 - d
*Penang: WanTanMee, Lo Bak, Curry Me*

Penang Day 2.2 - e
*CharKueyTeow & sticky rice?*

This is what we had for our dinner. The food price was cheap but came in a small portion :( I damn miss Penang's Food! anyone's going to Penang? Tarpao curry me for me can? lol

Penang's photo by YeeLeng,Wong. Do visit her blog.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Morning

Today was Alvin's graduation day. Congratulations to you, happy kan? lol

Choong's Convocation - 1
*people mountain people sea*

Choong's Convocation - 2
*Alvin's with his friend Jason*

Choong's Convocation - 4
*6 of us.. 8 years old friends*

Choong's Convocation - 5
*top: HuiTze was there too, about half year didn't see her*
*bottom: Met Yuen Sum, Ivy and her friend*

Random pictures of the day:

Choong's Convocation - 6

Congratulations once again Mr. Alvin Choong! XD

Penang Day 2.1

reached Penang's at night around 7pm+, checked in hotel n' then prepared for their freind birthday bbq's party. *no pictures for that night* =( ...bila want send?

So that end of my Penang Day 1, till the next morning Cmei's bring us to somewhere for breakfast (forgotten where's the place name). Makan! damn nice!

Penang Day 2 - 1
*Curry Mee & Char Kuey Teow*

Penang Day 2 - 2
Assam Laksa & *donno watz*

Penang Day 2 - 3
*this is pineapple..XD*

Finished with breakfast, then me suggested to Queensbay Mall for jalan-jalan *digest*, mana tau we makan again, had Rotiboy this round..

Penang Day 2 - 4

Penang Day 2 - 5
*that's Kelvin, Me, Dylan, 20, and Cmei*

end of my day 2 morning session.. lol continuos post will be dinner time.. makan lagi "lovin it"

...gotta sleep now, Happy 3.22AM! Penang's photo by YeeLeng,Wong. Do visit her blog.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Try this tonight..

tiring.. just came back from Desa Park City.. to create light sculpture for Photojournalism assignment. ajak-ed DG and Darren.

Light Sculpture 1
can you read this?

group shot before we cabut...

approx. 3 hours we at there, sangat de tiring but worthy.. more pictures after my Penang's trip.
Good night ppl!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Penang Day 1.2

After play must be hungry lah rite? so makan lah.. apa lagi..
cabut-ed from TRAP, then went to Kampar for lunch... chicken rice *hungry*

Penang Day 1.2
*Chicken & Char Siu, Wu Kok ,Wantan Soup*

next station was Gua Tempurung, went there for a walk n pikchas.. *i was damn tiring that time T.T sry*

Penang Day 1.2
*Pic taken by Wong Yee Leng*

Penang Day 1.2

finished with Gua Tempurung, then terus pigi Penang.. on the way to Penang was raining damn heavily, yeah! sangat lebat.. reached Penang's about 7pm++.. then we met up with Kel's fren Cmei to direct us to the hotel.

more pics tomoro... gnite ppl..

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Penang Day 1.1

My penang trip is up now. lol.

Ok, back to 2 months ago.. went to Penang with the usual gang.. met up at Kel's hse in the morning then breakfast in his territory. Our 1st stop was Sungai Klah before Penang *air panas!* Entrance fees are 8 bucks per person if not mistaken.. mmm let's berpictures;

Penang Day 1.1


Penang Day 1.1

*so bbqroticheesefondue hot can! *

Penang Day 1.1

Penang Day 1.1

Penang Day 1.1
*group pic before we cabut for lunch*

*pictures courtesy of 20..
.............................what we had for lunch??

gtg for yumcha in genting klang now... byez! Happy 10:32PM

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


*Hey hey you you, his blog updated!*

did you watch "One Day Five Meals" for the past few weeks?
click here and here

It so tempting to try out this cheese fondue right after watch the show, so last week I called few of them to join me for cheese hunting and only 3 of us make it. This restaurant was located in Taman Billion, Cheras somewhere nearby the roundabout to connaught.

Rendezvous 1
we ordered: Cheese Chicken Chop, Chicken Lasagna, Cheese Fish Fondue

Their lasagna not nice at all.. @.@ other foods just ok for me..

Rendezvous 2
Drinks we ordered: Kiwi Ice Blended, Honey Lemon(mine! nice!), Strawberry Longan.

before we left, group picture! Sum,Vyen, HonMun


did you try before this cheese thingy? how was it taste?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Nintendo 'DS' Lite

back from yumcha with 2 pigs @ Dataran Sunway (DS).. lol

Pappa Kopitiam 1

Pappa Kopitiam 2
Munster, 20, Kel - din notice that u 2 in same color shirt. lol
(this shot taken using Kel's ultrasuperdupersonic wide angle lens on my 450D)


Monday, July 7, 2008


HDR from my place.. merged with 3 to 5 different exposure photos to create this. My 1st attempt on HDR shots.




Will try to do much better next time, not really satisfy with it.

Comments are welcome.. =)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Hybrid Comes Alive!

Finished 1 of my photomedia's assignment entitled "The Hybrid Comes Alive!
We are required to produce 4 series of photo montage from any sources. Here goes my works with these theme "Superheroes";

Super Heroes Series 1
Series 1

Super Heroes Series 2
Series 2

Super Heroes Series 3
Series 3

Super Heroes Series 4
Series 4

Which series you like the most?
.......... Laugh
lah if you want.. =)

*credits to Sean & Loong

Relatead post: The Unknown Identity, Medusa Gorgon, Seafood, Weirdo, Mechanism Human

Choizes - Finale

Happy Sunday!
Ok. finally I can finish up this Choizes post. Let's bergambar with my 50mm;

50mm on my friends;

Choizes Part 4-1
Kim Hock's lengzai kan?

Choizes Part 4-2
Kim and Rainbow

Choizes Part 4-3
Kim : Cassie : Rainbow

Choizes Part 4-4
Lengzai's Cheongy

Choizes Part 4-5
Emily : Marilyn : MongFei

* * * * * * * * * * *

My post will be ending here,
get back to assignment 1st.. lawssssssssss *bang*

Friday, July 4, 2008

Choizes - Part 3

Blog updated! lol

being busy for past few weeks, assignment's killing me can. Even I had the time to blog I will felt lazy too. =.= submitted 3 assignment today, feel so happy can!! *jump* but then got 2 more due on next week.. zzz..

Anyway, let's back to Choicez, here are some shot taken using my lengzai 50mm lens. (apa tipu makan? /slap lol)

Models and Designer:

Choizes 3-1
she is cute.. say yes ppl.. =p

Choizes 3-2
Angela, 1 of the model in Choizes

Choizes 3-3
Wern. Fashion Designer. cantik-kan?

Choizes 3-4
Wern & Angela

Choizes 3-5
Designer with his models..
lurve this design.. not bad even though not the winner..


anyone's good in Cyber Laws for Designers? (i hate laws! @.@)
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