Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sekinchan Seaside [Finale]

It's Chinese New Year Day 6 now - seems to be ending, everyone starting to work/study next week.

Hey! it's time to put an end for my Sekinchan post - On the late evening about 6pm we went to seaside again. Hope there are sunset but not our lucky day - tarak sunset! Views from seaside was nice also - happy shooting.




#33 - Love the blue-ishh feeling.



#36 Love it!


Those pictures in blue-ish mode was taken with Tungsten White Balance *love it*
Wish to go there again for sunset - End of my Sekichan post here, Happy CNY readers.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sekinchan Temple.

Hello! This is will be 2nd last post from Sekinchan.. =)

So after the paddy field we went to temple nearby - not to pray but photo shooting instead... weeee~~





#28 - Blue skies..


Happy CNY day 4! I hav 'dim sum' this morning with my parents - omg can! woke up @ 8am *so early T.T* Anyways, enjoy CNY days ppl...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Niu Year Sekinchan

Hello people! Happy CNY day 2!
How's your day 2 so far? mine was just normal, visiting auntie-uncle's house, collecting angpows, makan makan & etc (he loves angpows! *evil-laugh*) - Can't wait for 'Chor 9'! pai lin day with my classmates..

Anyways, here goes with more pictures from Sekinchan - we back to the paddy field after had our late lunch, these was about 5pm, weather was just okay but we manage to take nice pictures.

#15 - Paddy.



#18 - Paddy Field *nice!*




Bonus photos:

#22 - Egg & Darren.

#23 - YeeLeng.

More pictures to come.. lolol
Personally I like the photo #18, #19, #20, #21... pictures are without editing - played with white balance & weather on the other side was nice.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year 2009!

Happy! wishing you a very happy & prosperous CNY! Enjoy & eat more!

Happy CNY 2009!

Sekinchan! here are photos from the day (afternoon part) - We went to the seaside, where we can see boat, sea, water, sand, sky, etc.. *love the blue skies* lolol okays, enjoy the photos...






Happy CNY once again! =)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hello Sekinchan.

Okays, I'm back to blogging mode. Let's have Sekinchan for now - the month of November, 2008 - Darren drove us to there for photo shooting - very nice paddy field @ Sekinchan *love it*

We meet up Kim, DG, CP & Chong Hua - they were there for video shooting as their FYP and they brought us to paddy field. The weather was damn nice on the afternoon, blue sky, sun damn bright til you can't open up your eyes. *check out Kim & DG final year project video*

Hello Sekinchan by munster0606.blogspot:






#06 - DG's babe.

#07 - Lengzai Kim

#08 - Sekinchan Jump.

#09 - Egg . 20 . Darren . Kim . (I shoot you. You shoot me)

Will be back with more Sekinchan photos - before I end up this post, wishing all of you Happy Chinese New Year 2009! *Golden Ox*, eat more, play more, win more, luck more, jump more, & visit more to my blog! =)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lucky Day. Youth'09 Expression Photography Challenge.


Okays, these happens a week ago at Youth'09 Expression Photography Challenge. Unexpected at all I did get through the finals and the lucky me won myself a Nikon D40x & shirt from 60 earth hour.

Nikon D40x
1) Nikon D40x.

Winner of Youth'09 Expression Photography Challenge.
2) Thanks Eggy for this picture.

Hope this year of Rat Cow will bring me more lucks.. and Yeah! college life ended, I will miss all of you.. AMLers roxxx! do keep in touch. and keep visit lah my blog.. ahahaha!

*AMLers means My classmates*

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Youth'09 Expression Photography Challenge.

Wootsss! i'm back here! been a long time didn't update my blog - busying with final year project that due by this coming Saturday *sleepless* - back to my recent outing, it's was Youth' 09 that ended few days ago

Darren ajak-ed me to join one of the activities that was Youth'09 Expression Photography Challenge - There were 170 contestants registered for the challenge - 1 vs 1 photography challenge, winner will get to next rounds (7 rounds in total). Mmm.. show you one picture of how the challenge goes, photo will do the explanation.

How's it goes.
finals round = round 7 which is the last theme.

PK rounds.. hope that you understand what the picture shown. lolol Each round will be given different theme, contestant are given 30 minutes to shoot & submitting last 10 pictures, must be in sequence - and choose the best 5 photo from there. Okays, I failed in explanation *kills me pls*

Here's the photo I submitted for each round *chosen 1 of the 5 pic to post up here*

Theme: Red
Theme 1: Red.

Theme: Actions
Theme 2: Actions.

Theme: Taste
Theme 3: Taste.

Theme: Friends
Theme 4: Friends.

Theme 5: Suprise.

Theme: Controlling
Theme 6: Controlling.

Theme: Old
Theme 7: Old.

Challenging yet tiring for 2 days, spent almost the whole day at the event. Anyways, I felt that I'm lucky enough to get into finals round - a great Year 2009 ahead to me =)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Youth '09.

Hello! I'm going to YOUTH'09! if I'm done with my assignment
It just 2 more days from now - Got my free pass few weeks ago, if you haven't get yours, Just claim the YOUTH'09 pass here.

YOUTH'09 - Malaysia's Largest Youth Lifestyle Festival

there's a lot of activities, click here for more activities...

YOUTH'09 Expression Photography Challenge

Hope I can make it this coming Saturday, and see you there people!
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