Thursday, April 30, 2009

Random Hood.

Another random post here, just feel like updating my blog now.

Remember my previous abou the fashion show "Triumph - Zero to Sexy" ? Just wanna let you guys know what lens I'm using on that day - it was Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8 that YeeLeng's pinjam-ed, almost a week already the lens with me. *owe-her-a-meal*

Sigma Hood
Sigma lens hood.

...Thanks Yee Leng! =)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Triumph - Zero to Sexy @ One Utama (More Photo).

Woot! Continuous post from here.

Photo Warning - The photo that you are about to view on this post may contain content only suitable for adults.

(more photo & details)

During the last Friday 24 April 2009, tagged along Darren & Egg to 1U for Triumph fashion show. The show started at 8pm - before the show starts we headed to information counter for the photographer pass (actually with or without passes are just the same, no one care where you standing also). Been a long time didn't soot for event show like these, I felt kinda nervous at first, donno which setting should I use, shot with speedlight on or not... lol Anyhow, I was using Sigma 17-50mm F2.8 on that day *Thank you, 20!* and I need to crop some of the photo for a better composition =)

Okays, get ready with tissues and let d photo do the further talk:

#1 - Woot! Zero to Sexy.

#2 - Photographer passes.

#3 - The Stage.





#8 - Red Devil.

#9 - Sexy Blueee..

#10 - Ouch!


#12 - I think she look likes one of the MDG2 model, Ming.







End of my Triumph - Zero to Sexy post here. I will try to update more on the fashion show I went on Sunday which is PDI, Iora, Forever 21 & etc.

Happy Tuesday people's!


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Triumph - Zero to Sexy @ One Utama.

Today internet line is damn slow like turtle (perhaps even slower), sigh.

My black friday:

Can't log into,
Can't log into Restaurant City (one of the facebook flash game),
Facebook loads very slow,

Conclusion, everything with internet is slow! Okay, let back to the topic - I just got back from 1U for the fashion show, Triumph Zero to Sexy. 3 of us were there for the fashion photo shooting, 1st experience with my speedlite *din use much actually* =). Meet some blogger at there too.

Anyhow, this is a teaser post from the fashion show - 2 picture for now. Oh ya, thanks 20's for pinjam me f2.8 lens.

Triumph - Zero to Sexy
#1 - Sexy Black.

Triumph - Zero to Sexy
#2 - Sexy blueee... *ignore the blurred face, okay*

Here's Munster signing out, adios! =)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Studio Photography Experiences.

Thinking of what to update recently - Looking back all my photos taken since last year and I found this folder, that's photo of Michelle taken in studio - March 12, 2009. Okay I know, it already a month old. lol I was helping Yee Leng's for her photography assignment - so on the Thursday morning, I sent Mich's to her studio and start lah make-up, etc. Yee Leng is the main photographer on that day, I is just tumpang to shoot only *helping out lah* - Kelvin & Cmei was there too =)

This is my first time to experience studio photo shooting, damn like the photo result, oh i meant the lighting was damn nice superb, love at first sight... lolol Okay, talk less, let me share the photo's I taken that day, just a few only. Enjoy!

With studio lighting:

Mich 01

Mich 02

Without studio lighting:

Mich 03

Mich 04

Mich 05

Mich 06

Mich 07

Mich 08

So this is my first studio photography experience, hopes for 2nd one with more photo taken with studio lighting.

Here's Mr.Munster signing out at 2.37am. Good night people's & wishing her all best for tomorrow exam. *Lucks*

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Water Drops 2.

Short update.

Hello Thursday night, feels hot n' cold now. Here we go, more water drops shot taken few days ago - I semakin love to play with my flash now T.T damn nice. My previous water drops post here.

Water Drops. 1
#1 - The Rainz.

Water Drops. 2
#2 - Dancing Water.

Water Drops. 3
#3 - Tornado on Water.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Putrajaya Panorama.

It's 2.51AM now, I'm still awake.
Almost forgot these few panorama shot taken at Putrajaya after photo shooting Hot Air Balloon. Check out my previous here & here if you're not following my post.

3 panorama taken on that day, I see sunset!

Putrajaya Panorama Shot 1

Putrajaya Panorama Shot 2

Putrajaya Panorama Shot 3

Okay, time to go bedtime stories. Good night. =)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

PIKOM PC Fair 2009 (I), Day 1. (cont.)

Post continue from here.

Here we go, more photo's from PC Fair I went on Friday - Frankly speaking, my photo from that was not that nice, kinda disappointed - white balance out, not focused, failed in using speedlite (external flash). Oh gosh, I really need to learn more about speedlite thingy, the lightings *bounce here bounce there*.

Some photo's are without flash, just snapped using my 50mm lens.

#3 - I'm Sony.

#4 - Lenovo.

#5 - Lenovo.

PC Fair 2009, Day 1.
#6 - Familiar face. (the left one)

A4 Tech.
#7 - A4 Tech.

#8 - Kingsoft. (Nicole)

#9 - Kingsoft

#10 - Kingsoft.

#11 - Kingsoft.

PC Fair 2009, Day 1.
#12 - be their ruumate. XD

Been to PC Fair for many times, these was most disappointed PC Fair experience I would said, hall setting not that good & not much ambassador there like how the previous one. *mana Eva? Rachel? Tracy? all cut cost kah?*

Hopes the coming one would be better. =)

Good nights.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Water Drops.

*Skipped the PC Fair chicks first*

I was kinda bored & free, so grabbed my DSLR to play with water drops - Few weeks ago, hopped into photography forum - saw some water drops picture, it's really nice. Hence, I gave myself a try with my new speedlite. Here's the outcome after photoshop-ing the colors.





My first try on water drops, hopes to get better show and different drop. teeeheee~ Which of the picture you like most?

p/s: be patient for the photo loading okay. Enjoy. =)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

PIKOM PC Fair 2009 (I), Day 1.

On the day 1 (yesterday), went to PC Fair with Darren and later on meet up with Kun Tong. I would say the ambassadors/models from this batch is not that good comparing with previous batch *ahaks, we went there for girls only, lol =p*. For the PC Fair booth setting, it's totaly changes a lot - those sound systems moved to end of the hall, 1st hall changes to broadband hall *sien*

Met some of my friends there - some working, some buying computer stuffs & spotted few bloggers there too.

Anyhow, 2 pics for now - feel tiring after walking PC Fair for 2 rounds.

PC Fair 2009, Day 1.
#1 - Welcom to PC Guru.

PC Fair 2009, Day 1.
#2 - Visit lah, BlackBerry's girl.

Not sure going on 2nd day or not.. tiredness.. time to off - bye.
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