Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pavilion Day 2

The next day went to Pavilion again! Penny said she not feeling well so only 3 of us going for the free movies again. Reach their bout 6.15pm like that, and all the tickets already finished redeems. I cant watch free movie for 2nd time :(

Oh YEah! Pavilion parking isn't that expensive after 5pm ..
Maximum rate only RM5! for weekdays.

Entrance to Pavilion Parking
entrance to Pavilion parking

Entering to Pavilion parking
Welcome to Pavilion KL

Camwhoring with Parking Ticket
Posing with ticket

Since we didn't manage to watch movie, we go for curry fish balls which is located at Lowyat. guess everyone's know where is this place...

Curry fishballs
nice! sedap!

Curry fishballs 2

after curry fish balls we went to Jln Alor for dinner... no pics from there and... sigh~

then we head back to Pavilion for J.CO donuts!!! omg! giler donuts edi can!?

3 of Us
MunThong, Rainbow and Me

HonMUn and MunThong
Me and MunThong... J.CO again? *thumbs up*

Rainbow and HonMun
Rainbow and HonMun

*pic removed*
Rainbow and MunThong

Half dozen of J.CO
Half dozen of J.CO

Last but not least....
Me with J.CO donuts!!
Posing with Donuts

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pavilion Day 1

On monday went to Pavilion for free GSC movie tickets. 4 of us (Me,MT,Penny,Rainbow) went there for free movie and we decided to redeem "Secret" the movie. RM0.00!




This GSC Pavilion seats is the most comfortable GSC cinemas i have been. No worries your chair kena shakes from behind. after movie we have a walk in Pavilion and camwhoring as well.. oh yeah! Merry Christmas peoples! christmas trees has been placed around bukit bintang.



then went to have J.CO Donuts!
a lot of people queue for donuts! gila donuts eh?




The donuts was so creamy! and nice! We ordered 1 dozen, each of us got 3! after ate 3 donuts I can feel like just had my dinner @.@

posed with my donut


Penny & Rainbow

All pictures taken by N73

Next update will be Pavilion Day 2,
GSC again! J.CO again!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

My Saturday

Today's went to visit mfx studio @ Jalan Ampang, after d' visiting then head back to Taman Melati for surveying d paintball game. We (me,dy,vin,wk) manage to find the place n' then have a try on the paintball gun.
Paintball 2

Paintball 1

so 4 of us shares 60 biji to have a try, we have to shoot on a target. out of my 20 shots, me kena once only! not bad huh? aihzz! Feel like paintball everyday.
planning to have a real paintball war game next week, anyone's want join me?

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Ayumi Hamasaki

Hello people's!! can you guess who's this?

Hint: mouse rollover on the image.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Bukit Jalil

Last 2 week I went to Bukit Jalil as a helper for 50th Merdeka Anniversary Cultural and Arts Performance event. It was my first time to work in such a big event and a crowd of 20,000 attending this event. Our Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting was there too. I just know this 2 famous only, others not sure. =p

Here goes the pictures taken on that day;

Bukit Jalil 1

Bukit Jalil 2

Bukit Jalil 3

Bukit Jalil 4

Bukit Jalil 5

Bukit Jalil 6

Bukit Jalil 7

Bukit Jalil 8

Bukit Jalil 9

Later on while it going to start we had our seat right in front of the stage and then MAKAN!, we were served 6 meals and 1 dessert, so nice!... I event got the chance to see how the Astro crew doing the live scene, how they controlling the camera, and blah blah blah. It's was broadcasted live through Astro AEC.

Part of that, there's some guest performing for this event such as Michael Wong (guang liang), Danny One etc.*My first time to see both of them in a short distance. I meant seeing them singing in front of me in 20 meters*

Oh YEAh! Erra Fazira was performing that night too. She's so pretty! @.@

Bukit Jalil 10

Besides of singing, they have culture arts performance too. Like lion dance troupes, beating drums, etc etc.


*Last image sources from
**all photo's was taken using hp camera except the last photo... =p

Monday, November 5, 2007

My Sunday #2

Been a long time din update my bloggie.. why? lazy.. n' tons assignment!

Ok! let's begin on last week. We (me, 20, mt, kelvin, dylan) went to kim gary the curve to treat the 2 pigs makan as their bday is coming.

Kim Gary

it was my first time been to Kim Gary /erm.. sigh..
right after eating we all walk around @ Ikea.. after tat back to curve, while heading back to curve, we saw a guy who's wearing a same cap with me. so.... so....

*Happy birthday both of you*

pics taken by 20's camera...
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