Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Friendster Cafe.

New Year eve is today! I'm going to Lookoutpoint's tonight. Wishing you a Happy Year 2009! Do more exercise, don't spend too much, save money, save future... *Ahh. I crap*

Turning back to the end of October, 2008. On the 29th was Kelvin's birthday, we planned to bring him 'makan nice nice'. As the plan there were 5 of us but in the end Dylan's couldn't join us for the 'makan nice nice' due to some reason.. aihzzz..

Anyways, before heading to the 'makan nice nice' place, we went to Friendster Cafe for a relaxations yumcha session.

1) The Menu.

2) Blackcurrant Tea? isit?

3) Don't know apa name.

4) Birthday boy.

5) =p

6) Blow the hot.

7) The camera shy.

during the relaxations, we met someone in the magazine..

8) Can you guess who's him? look alike...

Click here if you really can't guess look alike who. Happy New Year 2009 everyone! =)

more photos from 'makan nice nice' place next year!

*edit: last post for 2008!!!*

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day.

Merry Belated Christmas Day! and Happy Birthday to Camie!

This evening went to celebrating Camie's birthday @ Neway. Good luck in FYP! Quite a time didn't eat cakes, love the Chocolate Indulgence. *melt*

Photo 1
1) *should-be-photo-of-camie-with-cake* Josaurs! cepat send can. =p

Chirstmas Pressie.
2) My Christmas present so far. Thank you!

Going to exchange Christmas present with my classmates on Tuesday! weeee~~~

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Desa Park City 2

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!
I spend my Christmas eve day at Kelvin's place, as usual like last year. We bbq, games, eat, drink, exchange gift, bla bla bla~ Oh ya thank you for the pressie! =)

*I want photo! tq mt!*

These was November outing @ Desa Park City. Like the previously one, me with Darren going there again for photo shooting. The weather damn nice that day, so blueee biruu namanya.

Date: 5th November 2008
Time: after 6pm
Venu: Desa Park City

1) Sunset.

2) Lake side.

3) Sky damn nice.



6) Panorama Shot. Love the sky lah.

-HonMun's the Munster-

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Desa Park City

Week 12 now, 1 assignment down, another 2 to celebrate with Christmas! Good luck all my classmates.. FYP!!

An evening at Desa Park City with Darren. These happens 2 months ago, he called me to join him for sunset shooting, that day weather was nice. We shot from evening til the sky become dark. Falling in love with DPC. Bila mau go there in morning?

27th October 2008.

1) Taken with 50mm. Love this shot...

Lights @ DPC:

2) Water reflections.

3) Water reflections 2.

4) Spot light.

5) Nature.

6) Green Lights.

All these photo has not edited. I will post more photo from DPC in November outing. Cheers all! bye..

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Faces at Fullhouse.

Been busying for FYP video shooting for the past few days. Shooting all done, now into the editing part.. pheewww late for 2 weeks from what we planned. Time flies so fast, left about 2 weeks to due with the dateline. =(

Here we go the finale part from me @ Fullhouse. At last I got the mood to finish up this pending post. For this post it would be just faces at her birthday dinner. Let's cut it short, pictures will show all about it.

1) 50mm eyes f/1.8 | Dylan's with his chicken chop.

2) Pembuli-queen-punya-assistant with her cake | Girls on cooper.

3) The-guy-who-won' | Dylan again, the lucky person.

Faces - F4
4) Saya | Empty Kosong | CinTeck

Group shot before we left the place. (photo taken using Kel's camera)

Faces - F5
5) Group Shot 1. (normal)

Faces - F6
6) Group Shot 2. (what's that?)

Faces - F7
7) Group Shot 3. (smiling)

That's all from me. Gotta back to assignments. Thanks Ms.Teng for the assignment *cough*

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pikom PC Fair 2008 (lll)

I went to Pc Fair on Friday & Sunday (today) with my photo kaki. The only thing I bought from there was a thumbdrive. How big the capacity? It's just 1GB.. lolol for RM6 only! I remembered the time I get my 1st thumbdrive 3 years ago was 512mb @ RM70+. Such a big different now.

1GB Thumbdrive!
1) Cheap or not?.

Definitely I went there not just for pc accessories but chicks as well lah.. =p

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Upstairs of Fullhouse.

Short one for now. Been busy for video shooting this few days & assignments. I can feel that busy weekend ahead for me now. Sleep for 4 hours, have my meal late, drive here and there.. exhausted!

Anyhow, I will updating some photo from upstairs of Fullhouse tonight...

Full 12
1) Makan time began @ 8.41PM

Full 13
2) Happy Birthday to you!

Full 14
3) Fashion. You want one?

Full 15
4) I like this place can!

Full 16
5) What's your shoe size? 6? 9?

Full 17
6) Welcome.

Some photos was taken with wide-angle lens. Thank you Kelvin's for borrowing me. =)

Another weekend is here now, enjoy Saturday!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fullhouse, NZX ll

Have not updating my blog for quite a time, I'm just recover from sick. *blame the chicken*
Okay, continue with Fullhouse, those who still don't know where is Fullhouse located, here's their website.

(Nice food) + (Good service) + (Cozy place) = Good cafe.

More photo from downstairs of Fullhouse:

1) You're welcomed by mini cooper.

2) Colorful seat.

3) Green Plant on each table.

4) Cute Piglets.

5) Living Room.

Fullhouse 6
6) Big eyes flower.

Fullhouse 7
7) You want it?

Fullhouse 8
8) Sheep or Dog?

Fullhouse 9
9) Hello Fullhouse.

10) Business here.

That's all photo from the downstairs from me. Going to upstairs tomorrow or soon...

Something to share here, arts & design screening on next weekend.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

New. Bolt. Birthday.

3 short talk for now...

1) Finally I changed my blog header! It's about half year didn't do anything for it. Happy with it now.. =)

New blog header

2) Oh ya! Yesterday I went to Pavilion with the gang for "Bolt" the movie. Awesome 3D's, damn nice. The dog was damn cute as well, worth to watch in cinema. I would rate 10/10!

3) Happy Birthday Chicken! Stay healthy!

photo taken from dylan's blog

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fullhouse, NZX (Ara Damansara)

A month ago, it was YeeLeng's birthday on the 24th Oct.
Have been reading some of the reviews about Fullhouse on the past few week before her bday. I see many good reviews about it, like their ambiance, food, design, etc. So we decided to celebrating her birthday there.

Participants: Me, Kelvin, Dylan, MT, and some of her classmates.
Venue: Fullhouse, NZX
Time: 7pm to 10pm
Date: 24th Oct 2008

For this post, I will post photo of the foods only. Too many photo to share, have to separate it into few part lah. Ok, let's ber-photo now:

Fullhouse Food - 1
1) Entrace of Fullhouse.

Fullhouse Food - 2
2) Welcome to eat.

Fullhouse Food - 3
3) Menu book. Creatively designed .

Fullhouse Food - 4
4) Mango Vanilla with Red Beans | Mint Chocolate.

Fullhouse Food - 5
5) Forgotten | Forgotten.

Fullhouse Food - 6
6) Seafood ____ | Spaghetti.

Fullhouse Food - 7
7) Chicken Chop | Fish n' Chips

Food: 7/10
Ambiance: 8/10
Service: 6/10
Price: 8/10

The price of food barely around RM15 for ala-carte. Somehow, there are having set lunch promo pricing between RM11.90 to RM15.90 (soup, main course, drink, dessert). Definitely I will pay another visit to there for the set lunch!

Up next more photo's from Fullhouse. End. =)
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