Friday, July 31, 2009

TGI Friday's Sunway Pyramid.

Back to the blogging line now - I was down with sick after back from Malacca (flu & sore throat) thanks to satay celup. Went to check with doctor, luckily isn't H1N1, no fever sign, just normal flu - hope will recover in this few days. *jump*

Okay, back to 2 weeks ago, I was in Sunway Pyramid for shopping & dinner. It was my first dine in TGI Friday's, great experience I would say - big portion, nice food & drinks. They're having these 2 course meal promotion for RM29.90++ comes with appetizer & entree, it's really worth do check out their website. I don’t know what else to say, as TGIF isn't a new restaurant... so let’s allow the photos to do the talking =p

TGI Friday's Sunway Pyramid.
#1 - Iced Lemon Tea to cool down.

TGI Friday's Sunway Pyramid.
#2 - Boneless Wings. (Appetizers)

TGI Friday's Sunway Pyramid.
#3 - Clam Chowder. (Appetizers)

TGI Friday's Sunway Pyramid.
#4 - Chicken Caesar Salad. (side order, not included in the promotion)

TGI Friday's Sunway Pyramid.
#5 - Cajun Shrimp Chicken Pasta. (Entree) damn nice! must order for next visit.

TGI Friday's Sunway Pyramid.
#6 - Sizzling Chicken & Cheese. (Entree) chicken tastes too dry.

TGI Friday's Sunway Pyramid.
#7 - RM50 discount voucher, just paid 60% of the total bill. =)

Okay, that's all for my makan post =D ...will be off to One Utama for dinner! wuuhoo!

p/s: Do check out another post by MT @ TGIF One Utama.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nuffnang Premiere Screening – District 9

Nuffnang Premiere Screening of District 9 will be on:

Date : 12th of Aug (Wed)
Time : 9pm
Venue : Cathay Cineplex D’sara

All you have to do win yourself a pair of exclusive passes to watch District 9 is:
  • Leave a comment in this blog post completing the following slogan, “I want to be in District 9 because ….” (not more than 15 words)
  • Optional : If you blog about it, you’ll have highest priority to be invited to the Premiere

What are you waiting for? leave your comment on Nuffnang's blog now!

Monday, July 20, 2009

"The Proposal" Movie Screening.

Just back from movie "The Proposal" movie screening by Advertlets @ Tropicana City Mall. This is my second screening with Advertlets bloggers (previous movie screening by Advertlets, a year ago lolol). I is there alone, not really talk as I is kinda weak in socializing with people's - but at least I has greet some people I know.. lolol aihzzz.. =)

The-Proposal by Advertlets.

Thanks Jason for the ticket. =)

Honda Civic Mugen.

Hey! remember my Honda Civic Mugen teaser post about a month ago? Here's the full details of the Sunday outing - I was too bored at home & can up with this idea to shoot one of my friend car, so I went to Desa Park City with Darren's the Nikonian & WeeSing's the Civic Mugen owner for the shooting.

Everything going smoothly, enjoying to shoot his car, hot sunny weather as we shoot til 12pm, nice car, nice rim, nice skirting, nice place... I don’t know what else to say, so let’s allow the photos to do the talking:

1 Car 1 Place 2 Photokakis.

Venue: Desa Park City.
Date: 21 June 2009.
Time: 10am onwards.

Honda Civic Mugen 1

Honda Civic Mugen 2

Honda Civic Mugen 3

Honda Civic Mugen 4

Honda Civic Mugen 5

Honda Civic Mugen 6

Honda Civic Mugen 7

Honda Civic Mugen 8

Honda Civic Mugen 9

Honda Civic Mugen 10

Honda Civic Mugen 11
#11 - Panning shot which I need to learn more.

Honda Civic Mugen 12

Honda Civic Mugen 13

Honda Civic Mugen 14

Honda Civic Mugen 15

There's more photo to be share, so far I had 15 to put up here XD - more photo will up in these post *probably will learn how to put simple viewer into this post*. I will end this post with a big thank you to Wee Sing for turned up that day to make this photo outing successfully, not forgotten Boss Yee Leng who pinjam-ed me her F2.8 lens. Thanks!!! Can't wait for the next outing with Hilux & Harrier.



Saturday, July 18, 2009

Random Pyramid Outing.

Woots! Just back from Pyramid, went to shopping, makan-makan, lepak, etc. Both of my leg can patah d, I was there for 7 hours and 22 mins *parking ticket show that XD* Been a time I didn't feel tired like this, woke up in the morning *surprise kan?* - went to lunch nearby my house after that heading to Pyramid for shopping & tea time & dinner.

I'm dead of tiring now =.=

3 random photos for tonight *I know you say: omg! random post lagi?* Forgot to snap my lunch meal, I had "Lo Yee Mee" quite nice, it somewhere near to the famous Seafood Noodles in Segambut.

Honeymoon - Kiwi Black Grass Jelly
My Honeymoon Dessert - Kiwi Black Grass Jelly.

TGIF - Chicken Caesar Salad.
Chicken Caesar Salad @ TGIF, Sunway Pyramid.

GP Greencell - AAA
GP Greencell Triple A for my wireless mouse. Damn nice, I can use it now after my battery dead for few weeks. *it's free, thank you Uncle Chan =D*

Okay, that's all for tonight - gotta sleep now, whole body like going to be broken into pieces. Good night people's. =)

Eh!? btw how's your Saturday?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Random Yumcha Strawberry Banana .

Woots! I'm being lazy again, another short post here.

Just back from yumcha with friends @ "Kei Tak Sek" SS2. I had fried seaweed rolls and donno-what-tea. =) Boss Ivy & boss Darren bought we all some strawberry from Cameron Highland, and a special gift for me. Not much to say, so let’s allow the photos to do the talking:

2 photo's for the night. Happy Monday Night.

Dried Strawberry.
#1 - Dried strawberry to share with all, I have to keep this for the next outing. *cepat eat can*

Banana gift from Cameron Highlands.
#2 - Banana gift from Cameron Highlands.

Darren & Ivy says:
We think of you when see this banana..!

Thanks Darren & Ivy for the banana. =)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Random Wednesday.

I'm just being lazy this few weeks, life getting harder and harder - trying to push myself up.

Driving into a new world.

Random shot, life are just like a toys car... vrooomm~ pick up~

Hon Mun.

p/s: trying to update my birthday photo in this week.. *gym*
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