Thursday, March 26, 2009

Untitled Loves.

"La la la la la la la... do do do do do"

Lovin' You - Minnie Riperton


Snapping is Sharing , Sharing is Caring. Does Caring is Loves? Random photo for tonight, Love Streetlight - have a lovely dream tonight. Good night people's. =)

Are you in Love?

Here's Mr. HonMun singing out. Bye.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Random: 1st Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2009

Recent outing (19 March 2009).

Went to Putrajaya with the gang for International hot air balloon fiesta. Consider this as a teaser post, let me start here by sharing a few.

#1 - Nescafe by team New Zealand.

#2 - Standard shaped balloon.

#3 - Preparing to fly.

#4 - Flying hot air balloon.

That's all for hot air balloon teaser post, will be going again on this Sunday. Hope can get more nicer shots. Cheers!

Birthday & Desa Park City.

March 21st, It's his birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DYLAN TSK!!

Dylan 22th Birthday
(photo courtesy by Joshua Leong - not in the pic)


Cont. from here

Okays. Let get back to what should I post tonight. Got the feeling to updating my recent photo outing at Desa Park City. Photos will do talk now, enjoy ppl!

#1 - Sunny day.

#2 - DPC Lake.


#4 - Sunset @ DPC.

The sky is getting darker, more blue-ish & water reflection...


#6 - I damn like the photo outcome, without any editing it already so blue-ish DAMN NICE!

#7 - Water reflection are damn nice.

#8 - Wider view photo.

p/s: more DPC at here, here, & here

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Random: DPC Panorama.

Got sms-ed from Darren to go Desa Park City (DPC) for photo shooting. So went to DPC with him & Egg-gy these evening. Weather was nice - sunny day - kid's running around - people's cylcing & jogging. Goods day =)

One panorama shot to be share tonight.

Desa Park City - Panorama
March 18, 2009.
- Desa Park City

p/s: coming post I should be posting my Langkawi trip, due to my lazyness it's get delayed. lol.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Random: Clouds.

Random pic: Very nice clouds taken at Ikea this evening during a photo shoot.

Random: Clouds.


Korean BBQ Restaurant , Woo-Ga-Chon.

It's a month ago, went to Korean Village (Ampang) with my Final Year Project (FYP) group member & talents - to celebrates our FYP done successfully. There were 6 people's including myself - Dylan, Jacob, Kelferd, Michelle, & Grace.

There were lot of Korean BBQ restaurant in Korean Village, so randomly we went to these restaurant named "Woo-Ga-Chon" (okay, actually Grace went before with her classmates). Lazy to elaborate more (as usual), let's the photo do the talk.

#1 - 'Woo-Ga-Chon' the place we went to. barbeque!

#2 - Rice served to each of us.

#3 - The interior, heavy chopstick & spoon, charcoal.

Food photo sharing now, we ordered a bottle wine? (the green one in photo below). It's an alcohol drink with some pickle fruits in it. Tastes weird to me for the first sip, following just okay.

#4 - Random photo of the food.

#5 - Random.

#6 - Random. =)

#7 - Fried egg. 'donno what', Steamed egg (damn nice!).

#8 - Vegetables.

#9 - The porky. Just so so.

We did ordered pancake, it really nice & I forgotten to snap photo of it (too nice edi). Overall it was acceptable to try out - was my first time to Korean BBQ restaurant, I would rate 6/10 for all food I ate. Wish to go again for Korean BBQ but for sure not this restaurant, there is lot to try out in that area. Any recommended Korean BBQ restaurant to go?

Anyhow, we took group photo before leaving the place.

#10 - The Symptoms.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Random Day.

Chinese New Year day  visiting Miss Teng's house

Browsed through my external hard disk - group photo visiting to Miss Teng's house during Chinese New Year day 13. Slightly just missing all of them... lol (Photo taken on 7th February 2009)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kajang Satay with AMLers.

*FYI, AMLers are equal to my classmates! lol*

Okays, the finale post for 'bai nian' outing with my classmates. Done with breakfast, and we took KTM train to Kajang for the last house visiting of the day - kinda long journey from Klang to Kajang, interchange at KL Sentral. Overall it took us about 2 hours journey to Kajang. lol.

Once we reached Kajang, we walked for 15 minutes to Camie's house. *no photo taken from my camera, everyone already exhausted with the walks.. lolol*

It's a must to eat Kajang Satay when you visiting Kajang. (lol i'm promoting) - Kajang famouse with satay, Klang famous with bak kut teh, can anyone let me know Kepong famous with what kind of food???!

Restaurant Malaysia
#1 - the famous place with Kajang Satay.

#2 - Satay Ayam.

#3 - Satay Itik. (1st time to try Itik, damn nice!)

#4 - Ketupat.

#5 - Ordered extra. Here goes the 20 sticks of Satay Ayam.

#6 - Another 20 sticks of Satay Kambing. This one nice..

#7 - The famous Kajang Satay, Restaurant Malaysia.

We had nearly 200 sticks of satay, it cost us about RM200+ (guys, correct me if I got the wrong digits.. =p) These was the last destination accordingly to the outing plan - everyone was filled with Satay and it's time to back home. See you guys on the next 'bai nian' outing. 2010!


Monday, March 9, 2009

Klang's Bak Kut Teh with AMLers.

it's raining now... cooling~


Done with seafood dinner, went to seaside - play with lights sculpture - and back to Fish's home. Thanks for letting us overnight. Back home rest, bath, chit chat & continued with usual routine gambling before sleep. *zzzzZ*

On the next day, February 4, 2009. All of us had a healthy morning breakfast - Bak Kut Teh! FTW! These was my 3rd time to have Klang's BKT with AMLers. lolol. Missing the dried bak kut teh can!

#1 - We took KTM from Fish's place to Klang's town. Hello Klang.

#2 - These the place we had our healthy breakfast. Located somewhere near to Klang's KTM.

#3 - Morning tea. Hiong pin? tin kun yam?

#4 - White rice with dark sauce.

#5 - Main course. Bak Kut Teh. I want dried punya pls~

#6 - White Tofu & Tau-fu-pok.

#7 - Lengzai-AMLers.

I miss Klang's Bak Kut Teh for sometimes. Overall, I like the bakuteh soup from this restaurant - the meat was just okay to me. lol. I definetily will pay for another visit if there is a chance. =p

So people! Tell me are you Bak Kut Teh lover?! oh-i-meant-klang-bak-kut-teh.

edit: My bak kut teh experience one, two, three, four.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

CNY Seafood Dinner with AMLers.

*got my craft puncher @ art friend 'love in shape' for RM 9.90*


February 3, 2009

Okays, after done with the house visiting in KL around 7pm, we separated into 2 gang & headed up to Klang. It's not just famous with Bakuteh, but seafood - cheap and nice tho. My first to had Klang's seafood after a few times visiting Klang. It just tastes normal to me, just like seafood that we can get in KL. lol the best things was dinner with them (amlers) & the night seaview that you only can see lights. =) Nevertheless, I had a great dinner with them, eat, jokes, play with wind oyster...

13 peoples - 6 meals - 1 tea pot with ice - 6 pictures for tonight.

Joshit, Dylan, Mokku
#1 - Seafood King's the place we went to. (Joshit, Biglan, Mokku)

Heh Goh
#2 - Fried Sotong. =)

Chut Chut
#3 - Wind Snail. (correct me if I'm wrong)

#4 - We got prawns!.

Curry Fish
#5 - Curry Fish Head.

This is Crab!
#6 - Don't know what fried crab.

Those are what we had for our dinner, somewhere in Port Klang - the next day morning will have a heavy one as breakfast.

p/s: please bear with the photo loading, I know it loading damn slow - got no idea how to fix it LOL! Anyhooo, be patient for it okays! =)

Random Love.

Love shape bokeh

Random photo for Sunday morning, hoping your day is all with loves. My first attempt of doing this love shape bokeh (dof), cutting out papers and put onto camera lens.

Chinese New Year Outing with Classmates.

Continuing my CNY outing, on the day 9 was the first 'bai nian' outing my classmates, there were like around 13 people who's joined this outing. It's great to 'bai nian' with them, hopes the next year will be the same and more people joining.

Let make it short here, we had 2 days 1 night 'bai nian' outing with 13 people including myself - hunting down 6 houses at KL and 2 at Klang. First 5 house visiting was Dylan, Me, DyiChee, Kim, Sum, & JiePeng - the night following by Klang's kaki Fish & Steve.


As usual for gambling is a must to do - almost gambled at everyhouse *cny tradision* We play. We jokes. With all kind of expression & laughter. A good things to be memorable each of us - missing those days we all together for football, arcade, study group at mcd, and so on.


Win and lose doesn't matter, what we had was happiness and fun. As you can see Ah Mok (pic above) is damn happy with his cards, black jack kah? He replied dim gai geh.


Chinese new year junk food damn nice - The most I like was fried seaweed wrapped with popiah skin (pic above) and other like fried crabstick. Eating junk food together, sharing talk each other, eat & laugh - the best thing to do with.

We do take group shot at every house we visited, at least we had something to keep as a memory. Wondering after few years, viewing back all these group shot, it will be damn memorable. See all the faces, happy smiling everyone. *aihzz! missed a group shot at my house lah, next year must ganti!*





Random group shot by now - Some group shot was in Sum's camera, haven't got from him. Who's in the group shot? *counting heads* 13 people's.. no less, correct. There were Joshua, Fish, Cheekin, Fai, WeiKiat, Mok, JiePeng, Steve, Dylan, Kim, DyiChee, Sum, & myself. Really missing those days we spent in college.

Time flies so fast, it's already a month after CNY days. I could consider these an emo post.. lol Anyways, I will blog about what we done in Klang. Yeah! its food! i know what kind of food you thinking of..

Good nights people,

-be Munster-
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