Thursday, August 30, 2007



Friday, August 24, 2007

Health Awareness Campaign

"Health Awareness Campaign" organised by DPR2 students on 20th & 21st August 07. So on Monday, our gang went to this event, since Annie's got involved (support support la). Once you enter to the main door, you'll get lot flyers and they will stick you with sticker. Why? To get spotted and win some free gift/mystery gift. @.@

The stickers.. got sticked with ribbon but threw it edi!

Gift from Annie's booth after won the sucking water game @.@

The gifts...

myc magazine, lighter, fresh&white, gel, skin care sample,

VeGood, Appeton, Banana, Orangie, Snack

Group photo.. *the girl wasn't Annie*

During the event, we can check out our blood pressure, sugar level (can know whether got diabetes or not), skin care (lot people queue-ing, ALL girls.. @.@), etc
We got to play mambo dance too until back bone sakit.. /e5
MMMmmm.. that's all for now.. Good Nightzz

Monday, August 20, 2007

Piece of 3D's

Yesterday's 3D... Lecturer want us create 4 3D's object and submit it on the day. The one I like most was the 1st image… so the 3D look can? Can't you feel it? Now was in week 13, so far my 3D's skills cukup makan only. Some even more better than me.. I didn't manage to finish up the last 3D that was a hammer but luckly she said submit the 4 on next week!

Did you know why I it done so nice?
cos it was a test! so have to do better lah

Tong? english don't know apa nama edi..
no idea.. what name is this?
This I know. LCD screen! not so 3D rite? lighting prob I guess

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Munster gone banana

Yeah! This is , you are here right now!

Okies. Just changed my blog header and some font colors. Why changed? Cos previously header very the sien edi, it's time to change. I had chosen yellow for header and fonts, and now overall my blog kinda looks like banana. I love yellow can!?

Apparently, I didn't update my blog for so so so long, I meant very long time no update! Sigh~ apa boleh buat?.. Got a lot things to blog it but I just don't have the feelings to blog. How ar? Anyone's mahu offer me counselling? XD (Asked Si 20, she says 5 bucks for counselling me. So baik? vomitted).

Anyways, I just wanna shout "Munster gone bananas!!!!"

Note: She's coming back tomorrow from hospital. Yeah!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Munster #4

After being suffer for a month+ and finally 'cutie' have been sent to HP hospital.. doctor HP says have to stay there for 3 days.. free of charge ones.. luckily 'cutie' bought 1 year life insurance.

Cutie pics will be upload soon.. I so miss her can!?

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Why? @.@

Why??? Times Square's parking rates increase again!!! wtf!!

Sigh! dulu weekdays rate is RM4 then increased to RM5 and then now is RM7! (max rate). This weekdays only if weekends "habis lah" max rate is RM10 now! Apparently, that I have to take buses or LRT to times square... I'm just a student leh... so sad can!?

Thursday, August 2, 2007


14 July 2007

this so outdated 14 July.. /swt.. okie! that day went to Dragon-i with elaine's at 1U.. so we tried Dragon-i 'lai min'. I would say it really the nice eh! The 'lai min' and soup memang nice can? Rated 9/10.. Although it's expensive but it worth! We also ordered 'siu long bao', RM8 for 4 biji.. this ones nice also.. must deep with itu souce.. I would rate 8/10..

Really had no mood to blog, laptop cant online (wireless connection sot edi). No choice, i have to use another comp.(old comp.) to online.. I meant very the old can? sometimes will lag sei.. bout a monthdidn't online through my laptop.. so the kesian la!
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