Friday, October 31, 2008

Malacca River Fun Fair.

Here's my 2nd last post from Malacca.. after had Satay Celup for dinner, we drove to "donno-what-the-place-name".. Jalan Hang Tuah ---? Totally no idea what's the place name, so just put it as River Fun Fair.

A very nice lighting at night on the building and there are Fun Fair's beside the river. Here the pictures from the night:

Fun Fair River - 1
: 1 :

Fun Fair River - 2
: 2 :

Fun Fair River - 3
: 3 :

Fun Fair River - 4
: 4 :

A panorama shot from the river...


I miss using cs3 to create panorama shot. Sadly, it cant install on my notebook now, Vista probs? @.@

*omg! it's tomorrow! Innov8 Run! gonna be a fun day... weee~~*

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Frames & Satay Celup

Hello... Another tiring night, these time was celebrating Kelvin 21st Birthday @ Frames, TTDI. Nice places to go, now will be one photo of the birthday boy, more photo's will be up soon.

So sad that Dylan can't join us for dinner cos' he had a minor accident early these morning, thank god it just a lil' wounded.. take more rest ya'...

Kelvin 21st Birthday @ Frames
The bday boy, 29th October

Okay! Let's continue our Malacca walks, so now we are reaching to dinner session for day 1... We had Satay Celup as dinner, it's quite expensive actually..

Satay Celup - 1
:Capitol Satay Celup:
Queue-ing. pic taken from Kel's camera.

Variety of choice for you to choose.

Satay Celup - 3
each for 70 cents.

Satay Celup - 4

Satay Celup - 5

End of my Part 3 post here. gtg sleep now! ciao..

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Side of Malacca.

Happy Day! omg! 4 more days to go Innov8run.. *cant wait d*

Back to Malacca! after checked into hotel and lunch, we then walk around at Stadhuys. I guess the last time I went to Malacca was a year ago. Photo taking started...


Red Church

Jalur Gemilang

Personally I like the 3rd photo, nice can! =p Then we walked to these place, I had forgotten what it name =.=

tell me what's the place name can!?!?

started lah to bergambar

M2 - 6
Group photo @ Stadhuys

M2 - 7
Group photo @ ___ church? *forgot it name*

I end my Part 2 post here. More photo soon... =)

-out to wangsa maju now-

Monday, October 27, 2008

Simple Malacca.

Had a lil' walk & shooting around at Waterfront, Desa Park City with Darren just now. Likes that place so much... Tonight I will update my trip to Malacca after pending for so long. Hehehe!

[Date: 29 September - 1 October 2008] It was a last minutes decision to go Malacca for holiday & of course the food! Participants would be 4 of us, the usual one.. YeeLeng, Dylan, Kelvin, & Me.

Kelvin & HonMun
Kelvin : HonMun

YeeLeng & Dylan
YeeLeng : Dylan

It took us about 1hour 30minutes journey from KL to Malacca, first thing we did once reached there was look for hotel (FYI, we haven't make any booking for room). Jalan-jalan, and decided to stay at The Baba House.

Baba House

Checked in, and next we hunt for the femes food;

The Chicken Rice Ball restron'

Rice Ball & Chicks
Chicken Rice balls, anyone?

Had some desserts after rice balls..

Nyonya Cendol & Nyonya Kuih
Nyonya Cendol : Nyonya Dumpling

The nyonya dumpling really nice, worth to try. Okay, end of part 1 here.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Make It A Random Day.

Hey! Happy Deepavali to my neighbors & all Indians.. lolol! Okay! Tonight post was simple, just 5 random photo's from my Taman Pertanian trip. Here you go;

The Cyclist
1) The Cyclist

My Snearkers
2) My Sneakers

Your Pathway
3) Your Pathway

Random 1
4) Taman Pertanian Lake

Random 2
5) Paddy Field

So which one you like the most?

We Hope It Runs

Wassupp! *omg* I'm one of the nine participants in the Innov8 Run event, 9 of us are representing Samsung Fun Club. FYI, there are 15 groups in total in the Innov8 Run event. (correct me if im wrong, lol) 72 participants who submitted their entries and I'm one of the 9 participants being selected! *proud-nyer*

Earlier in the afternoon was the get-together lunch session at Bon Ton's Restaurant with all 9 participants. Basically doing the lunch section we had introduction/briefing of Innov8 Run Event, product demo, and of course food!!.

Okay! Pictures should do the talk now *coughs*



Here was the food...

Appetiser: Mushroom Soup

Seafood Spaghetti : Lamb Chop

Dessert, Ice Kacang : Goodies Bag

After the makan-makan session, we get to play around with the hemsem 8mp phone.. lolol


That's all about today pre-event activity, a group photo of 9 participants from Samsung Fun Club before we leave the place..

Group Pikcha!
Happy Faces..

p/s: all of us don't have a chance to bring back and play with the new phone because this is to be fair for the other 12 groups that are participating in the run... *so sad can!*

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Time: 7pm to 10pm
Date: 24th October 2004
Venue: Fullhouse, Ara Damansara.

To celebrate Miss Wong Yee Leng's 21st birthday with 17 people in total... so lucky lah you, banyak people celebrate for you.. say tq! =)

20's bday

Happy 21st Birthday to you!

*thanks kelvin's for pinjam me his super-wide-angle lens

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Innov8 Run

Super Happy can! lol I can't believe that I was one of the nine participants of Innov8 Run..

8 mega-pixels, so tempting can.. eh! my lucky month?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Winner Takes It All.

...The loser standing small~

Let's back to the month of August 2008, in the week 1 our school are having an intra-school sports carnival.. took part in Tug of War and be the champion for 2008/09. We had defeated more than 20 teams to be the winner! tough-nyer.

The Gold Medal

The Winners
The Winners!

p/s: Actually there is just only 3 teams who registered, we get through the final and be the champion. Cos' our opponent in the final didn't show up their not-so-hemsem-faces, in short it called FFK. So the winner takes it all~ =)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Taste For Steamboat.

My 200th posts! *cheers to*

Feels sorry that I ffk-ed for this morning Canon Goes Green's event. Seriously, I felt so tiring after yesterday event. /erm

Let's walk to the happy path, we are now back to Klang again. klang lagi.. wtf!. After we had fun at Taman Pertanian, 10 of us went to steamboat dinner somewhere next to Jusco's Bkt Tinggi.

Chen Chenho Steamboat

Steamboat 2
The 10 Hemsemz


Steamboat 4

That's our dinner for the night before we leave Klang.. Here is Silhouettes shot taken when steamboat-ing.

my first Silhouettes? mmm...

-End of my 2D 1N Klang's trip-

Update: i-Feel Girl Search 2008 winner is Tracy.

KLPF & i-Feel

Another Happy Saturday. Went to Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival and i-Feel Girl Search 2008 with Darren & DyiChee. Later on meet up with MT, Kelvin and YeeLeng.

2 photo's for tonight. Damn tiring lah, I was there from 12pm to 7pm! A total 7 hours! More photo's will be up after my pending post.

i-Feel Girl Search
Contestant No.2, Tracy.

Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival (KLPF)
Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival (KLPF)

Saw quite a number of blogger's there too.
I'm going to 'Canon Goes Green' tomorrow morning. Oh no! Actually in a few hours. (LOL!!!! Sounds familiar-kan?)

Ok, hope tomorrow I can wake up early luu. Nitez all.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Do Jump Like a Munster.

Do you James Bond? I had registered myself in yesterday, and they having these contest "The Next James Bond / Bond Girl Contest". It's easy as just upload a picture and get vote to win prizes.

Register yourself and a vote for me can!? Here's my entry, vote now! lololol

Jumping Munster
These was the pic I submitted.. Thanks Darren's for taking this pic..


Youth'09 soon in January 2009! Malaysia's largest youth lifestyle revolution is back!

50,000 youths. 100 activities. 1 event.

Date: 9-11 January 2009
Time: 10:30am - 9:30pm
Venue: Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur

"Earlier in the year, a few of us invited Malaysian youths from all walks of life to meet up. Then you and your friends came. All 20,000 of you.

As 20,000 Malaysian youths gathered, participating in over a hundred different activities, sponsors pitched in RM300,000 worth of cash and prizes for everyone. The buzz created over a million ringgit of media value, and touched the lives of many. Malaysia has never seen such a gathering."
Quoted by

I had missed the previous Youth'08, and now I will make sure myself to be there. I'm going to Youth'09 for sure. How you?

This year, Youth'09 going to bring more excitement, twice the size... targeting for 50,000 youths!! Some of the events in YOUTH'09 will be:

* Let's Cosplay
* Youth NGO Rally
* 1 vs 1 Futsal Challenge
* Youth Designer Festival
* Graffiti: Write it out loud
* Extreme Street Dance Challenge
* Expression: Photography Challenge
* 8TV Casting Call: The Next Face of 8TV

and more...

Activate your account by clicking the image below and get your free pass!

How about Me? Register jor lor =p
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