Saturday, June 30, 2007

Munster #2

Interested in doing 3D stuffs edi.. *hehe* Although not really good in it but I will learnt slowly. I will put more efforts on it. The tutor was good in teaching us and today's she started jokes with us, which are good sign. =)

Sigh! My phone messaging "sot" already lar. All my messages lost edi, it shows "no messages" but in the memory detail it shows 700kb in use *swt* Time to change? N95? /gg

Today's practical work:

1st 3D in practical class... /nice?

2nd 3D in practical class... /vomit?

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Busy life starts with assignments~ currently more into 3D modelling and e-commerce. Almost everyday I use to play with 3D studio max as a game. :swt: I'm not good in it, sometime feels like muntah darah. I can't find the functions that I want! even when found it also don't know how to use.. it isn't same as Illustrator or Photoshop.. sigh~

Conclusion: I must fall in love with 3D modelling and animation.. Yesh! Malaysia boleh!

my 1st 3D

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Mr. @@ was here!


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Should I laughing (out loud) or what?

Today went to Jusco Wangsa Maju's for lunch with my gang. As usual we had our lunch at McD's. While we heading back to college, this happened! Kelakar? Cekap?


A blacky kenari was into a wrong directions.. swt! swt! The driver was a girl, quite lenglui I guess. Haha! I have no ideas how she can do this. Luckily it not happened on main road or else habislah!Is it this kind of driver that caused those accidents happens? @,@ Hmmm.. anyways.. I was laughing happily while saw this, LOL!. For god's sake, I on the spot grab out my phone and taken those pictures. *wink* Did you guys enjoy the pictures? hahahaha... Oh yeah! she's is from Tar College (saw the car sticker). Tarcians boleh! lalala~

*I know i'm bad.. (T.T) /erm
** to her (driver).. don't get mad IF you saw my post. be happy ok?

Omg! That kenari's babes going to kiss my cute cute car~

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My 1st Mini Cooper!

This evening received my belated birthday gift from Chuah's and Choong's. It's was a yellow mini cooper!

Side view

Top view

Front view

I thought this was just a normal car for display, but it's not leh.....













It's was a Mini Control Car.. cool!

Front view while turned on

Back view while turned on

Awesome! That mini cooper built in with front and back lights. Arhemm!! got turbo summo. Don't pray pray tau. It's have to use 4x AA batteries.. swt!.. This kind of control cars are selling in any places. Go go go! go and get 1, after that we can race race.. =p

*Thanks for the pressie, appreciate it much!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

back from space

Lunch at neway

Yeah! turning to 20 edi! dewasa edi..

birthday cake #1

birthday cake #2

birthday gift #1

birthday card from Farica

recently my kelazyness to blog increasing dramatically.. so just upload few photos to mencantikkan (beautify) my lil bloggie. Sekian terima kasih! =)

Ruums syiok!! nice place to lepak at night! but banyak lala's.. @.@

*Thanks for everything you guys have done for my birthday.. the sms,mms,gift,cake,liquor etc

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

My day!

0606? Yeah! 6 june! Happy birthday to myself and to other who is having same birthday with me!

Selamat tinggal 19!! FUYOH!! i'm 20 now. bangga sei.. u guys don't jealous.. okie? wahahaha

p/s: 6 june was my birthday and my dad too.. 0606! so rememeber wish for my dad and me! /jump

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