Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fullhouse, NZX (Ara Damansara)

A month ago, it was YeeLeng's birthday on the 24th Oct.
Have been reading some of the reviews about Fullhouse on the past few week before her bday. I see many good reviews about it, like their ambiance, food, design, etc. So we decided to celebrating her birthday there.

Participants: Me, Kelvin, Dylan, MT, and some of her classmates.
Venue: Fullhouse, NZX
Time: 7pm to 10pm
Date: 24th Oct 2008

For this post, I will post photo of the foods only. Too many photo to share, have to separate it into few part lah. Ok, let's ber-photo now:

Fullhouse Food - 1
1) Entrace of Fullhouse.

Fullhouse Food - 2
2) Welcome to eat.

Fullhouse Food - 3
3) Menu book. Creatively designed .

Fullhouse Food - 4
4) Mango Vanilla with Red Beans | Mint Chocolate.

Fullhouse Food - 5
5) Forgotten | Forgotten.

Fullhouse Food - 6
6) Seafood ____ | Spaghetti.

Fullhouse Food - 7
7) Chicken Chop | Fish n' Chips

Food: 7/10
Ambiance: 8/10
Service: 6/10
Price: 8/10

The price of food barely around RM15 for ala-carte. Somehow, there are having set lunch promo pricing between RM11.90 to RM15.90 (soup, main course, drink, dessert). Definitely I will pay another visit to there for the set lunch!

Up next more photo's from Fullhouse. End. =)

Malaysia International Fashion Week

Yet another teaser post for today. Last week received confirmation e-mail for attending Jimmy Lim catwalk show at Malaysia International Fashion Week. Teaser post-kan, so talk less and only one photo from the event.

1) Autumn/Winter 2009

and today, I had my beef noodles for 2nd time in my life.. =p

Beef Noodles
2) Beef Noodles @ Petaling Street.

fyi, the 2 photo's here are without any editing. =p Anyway, I feel my kitlens is not that bad now.

"Happy 21st Birthday Andrew!" don think you're reading this now..ahaha!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

TARC Blood Donation.

It's raining now! feel damn sleepy yet dowan sleep. Have to go out later for night shooting at Chow Kit. *pray for the rain stop*

Ok let's back to today post, these morning 3 of us we for blood donation at College Hall. It was my 4th times to do blood donation, quite nervous for it. Imagine lah, about 5 cm long needle poke into your hand.. you can actually feel the needle poking into but no pain lah cos' already apply "ubat kebas".

For your information, I donated 450ml for today.

Blood Donation
1) Certificate of Appreciation.

Blood Donation 2
2) Goodies Bag. *mineral water was my lucky draw, damn lucky lor*

I can feel my left hand now tired like no energy, ahaha. Here's my history of blood donation:

> 29/3/06 (first time)
> 14/7/06
> 22/11/07
> 26/11/08

Donated 1800ml (1.8L) of blood! Dylan & WCH donated their blood like around 8 to 10 times, they are like competing each other. lololol. So do you donate blood before in your life?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival 2008.

Venue: Berjaya Times Square
Date: Saturday, 18 October 2008
Time: 4 PM

Yet another 1 month old post here. Ahaha!. Went to BTS for Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival (KLPF) event with DyiChee & Darren. There was an Fujifilm model shooting running after we get back from I-Feel Girl Search.

The crowd was totally crazy, a lot of photographer there. Luckily I manage to get myself a place on left side of the stage. I didn't take much photo as the crowd really crazy. *get me a telephoto lens*

Here are some pictures of the day:

1) The crazy crowd.

2) 10 mega-pixels!

3) Image Stabilizer.

4) Face Detection.

5) Digic 4 Imaging Processor.

6) Live View Mode.

Okay! that's all for now. Birthday post up next. =p

p/s: He's going to blood donation tomorrow for the 4th time.. hope can pass thru the blood test, must sleep kao-kao tonight.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Teaser post from Sekinchan.

Officially my blog didn't update for a week! lolol!

How's your Saturday? I spent my Saturday at Sekinchan for photo shooting, the paddy field damn greennnnnnn ok! 3 photo's for tonight. Enjoy Sekinchan! =)

Sekinchan Teaser 1
1) Paddy Field @ Sekinchan.

Sekinchan Teaser 2
2) Water Reflection.

Sekinchan Teaser 3
3) Sunset (like the blue-ishhh feel)

This month will be a hectic month, everyone is rushing their Final Year Project (FYP). Mine still in progress about 30%, left 4 weeks to due with the dateline. Good luck everyone.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

I-Feel Girl Search 2008 - Part 2

Watched Quarantine these early morning with Cheongy, Weisanz, and Lim. Thanks Youthsays! Rates: 5/10 (Storyline ok. It's a low-cost movie, don't really like the shaky camera. @.@)

Let's continue I-Feel Girl Search 2008 part 2, few fashion photo's from the girls:

Ifeel (part2-1)
1) Big Love.

Ifeel (part2-2)
2) Double Love.

Ifeel (part2-3)
3) Kito. 1st Runner-up

Ifeel (part2-4)
4) The winner takes it all~ (Tracy)

Ifeel (part2-5)
5) Top 10 girls who qualified.

Basically these was top 10 qualifying round on the first day. I just went for the first day searching =) (Overall from the search, the winner was Tracy). End of my I-Feel post.

Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival soon. I should get back to work on FYP! & Weblog! 4 weeks left...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I-Feel Girl Search 2008 - Part 1

I'm back to blog! Today post will be I-Feel Girl Search 2008 @ Sungei Wang instead of posting Putrajaya Outing. (dowan clash with Darren's post =p)

Darren, DG, and Me decided to go Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival, we are late missed for the opening ceremony. Later on, Darren told us that there was an I-Feel event at Sungei Wang, then 3 of us just cabut to there.

I guess we spent 3 hours+ for these event, just to shoot the girls *tracy*. Oh ya, MT's joined us too. Here goes some of my photos:

I-Feel Girl Search 1
1) Girl Search. Are you?

I-Feel Girl Search 2
2) Emcees of the event. You know who are them?

I-Feel Girl Search 3
3) I dance. I dance.

I-Feel Girl Search 4
4) Shake it. Shake it.

I-Feel Girl Search 5
5) A song for you.

I-Feel Girl Search 6
6) Vote me can?!

All these photo are part of the girls performing their talent. More fashion show photo from the girls next post. End my part one post here.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

888 Recipe

2 short talks for tonight!

I'm blogging @ Cafe 888 now.
Kelvin's next to me and YeeLeng's in front of me. Enjoying my milkshakes chocolate now and here is a photo 3 of us, ss-ing with my web cam. lolol!

SS @ Cafe 888
1) SS-ing @ Cafe 888


(click for bigger image)

Secret Recipe is celebrating their 11th anniversary by having this BUY 1 FREE 1 whole cake at 11 outlets, 11am. 11 November only!

Applicable at the following 10 outlets in Klang Valley!

* Jalan Bukit Bintang (shoplot opposite Bukit Bintang Plaza)
* Menara Standard Chartered, KL
* SOGO KL, Ground Floor
* Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Jln. Tun Mohd Fuad 1
* Bangsar Lucky Garden, Lorong Ara Kiri 2
* Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
* Subang Parade Shopping Centre
* SACC Mall, Shah Alam
* Alamanda Shopping Centre, Putrajaya
* SS2 Petaling Jaya, Jln SS2/75
* USJ Taipan, USD 10/1G

Check out my previous post here, their 10th anniversary. *craziness*

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sister's Graduation Day.

Venue: Shangri-la Hotel
Date: Sunday, 9 November 2008
Time: 2PM to 5PM

Fresh post!

This evening went to Shangri-Lalalala Hotel for my sister's graduation day. I would say it much better & nicer than my previous convocation in Tar College. It took about 1 & half hour for the awards presentation, simple yet nice. I hope my advanced diploma graduation will be held in any hotels luu. *dreams*

Sis' convo.. 1
1) Booklet for parents.

Sis' convo.. 2
2) In the hall. (Adobe CS4 will be launching here this coming Tuesday)

Sis' convo.. 3
3) Senyum. Chancellor of Charles Sturt University.

Alright, after the presentation of awards, all the family and graduates get to have some light tea time at lobby. Omg! i miss the fruit tart, seriously nice. Photo taking with graduates started lah;

Sis' convo.. 4
4) Parents with sis.

Sis' convo.. 5
5) Grandma, cousin, aunt.

Sis' convo.. 6
6) Me and my Sis.

7) Lil' bro and Sis

Overall, we spent about 3 hours there for the awards presentation, foods, photo taking, etc etc. Before I end my post, here is 1 photo of my sis. Congratulations!

Sis' convo.. 8
8) Bachelor of Business (Marketing), Charles Sturt University.

Anyway, how is your Sunday so far?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

888 Coffee & Tea

Venue: 888, Dataran Sunway
Date: 4 October 2008
Time: 4PM

Random weekend tea time with Kelvin and YeeLeng @ 888 Coffee & Tea. Nice place to chill out with friends. Definitely I will pay for next visit, 888! anyone mau join? (random post, so just more photos and caption =p)

888 Cafe - 1
1) The menu.

888 Cafe - 2
2) Interior. (forget to take front view)

888 Cafe - 3
3) Sago Gula Malacca. (mine)

4) Tea.

888 Cafe - 5
5) Lime Juice.

Kelvin bring along cupcakes too. He make one. lolol taste not bad lah.. =p

888 Cafe - 6
6) Cupcakes. (Lemon & Grape)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Experience on Samsung Innov8 Run.

The Innov8 Run. I'm so lucky being selected to represent Samsung Fun Club for these run. (same goes to Kel & 20). Thanks Samsung! Before the actual day event, we had a get-together-lunch with all 9 participants who being selected for these run.

Let's back to the actual day of the event. Last Saturday (1st November) was Innov8 Run event, Me & Kelvin are in the same group with Jo. All the 15 group has to gather at Samsung Customer Service Centre, PJ by 9am.

1) Participants @ Samsung Service Centre.

After that all participants getting a small team number sticker. Mine was Team No.14. Each team had 3 members and 1 Marshall. Then they separated all participants into 2 groups, one to the briefing, another one to gaming section.

2) Game Challenge.

In the game challenge, we got to play Asphalt 4 using the Innov8 phone on the big Samsung Plasma TV. Which team who get the fastest lap record will get to start first. We are the 3rd team fastest record in these challenge. My team best record was 37 seconds.

3) Mr. Organiser's giving his briefing for the run.

Then we proceed to the briefing section of the run, basically there were 6 task has to done. Each team are given 2 phones (the innov8), one for calling, sms, mms, another one for GPS to navigate and each of us get one Adidas t-shirt.

For each each task, you had to squeeze your brain up to 101% for the answers. We had like 50 questions to solve it by finding it from the signboard. kill-me-pls. Most of the questions solved by Jo & Kel.

4) Team No. 14

5) Car No.14

Jo's the driver in our team, Kel's the GPS navigator, and Me the calling, smsing, googling, etc. We get our marshall, Medo. Basically his task was to help us if we had any problem on the phone.

6)Flag-off! vrrrooommm, run... (photo by 20)

Actually, these was my first time to join such big event. omg! bangga-nyer. For the first task, each team received sms as the hint. We had to use GPS to find out where these place are. As for me, I never use GPS before , it's my first! ever time to use GPS.. lololol! It actually easy to navigate for first timer cos' it on Symbian OS. Just key in the place you want to go and it will appear on the screen with the big arrow.

7) Our first task. (photo by 20)

Our first task & location at the field somewhere near Wisman KKAUM. We required to play the game and solve few questions. *coughs* Actually we are the first team to done these task *coughs*

8) Flying Fox, KL Tower. (photo by 20)

We then continue our run, done task no.1 & no.2, and reaching to task 3 (pic above). It was KL Tower, 3 0f us need to do flying fox & required to record a video of us during the fly. I had fun in these flying fox, personally it was my 2nd time to do flying fox. (1st was during National Service). On the flying part, I was actually acting muka-damn-takut and saimatkong's get to snap pic of my muka-damn-takut.. damn ugly can!! :(

9) In front of the Samsung billboard. (photo taken using Innov8)

Had a lot of fun during the run, although we are the last team to arrive. lololol. Best of the run was teamwork together, got the chance using the 8 mega-pixels phone, run together, squeezing brain juice together and lot more.

10) Team No.14 with Medo (our marshall).

Basically we pass through a lot of places like:

(Samsung Customer Service Centre, Federal Highway PJ, Wisma KKAUM, Digital Mall PJ, Utar PJ, Wisma Sime Darby, KL Tower, Sungei Wang, Petaling Street, Batu Caves, Wangsa Maju, Taman Melawati)

Thanks Samsung for selecting me as one of the participants in these event!

playing with 8 mega-pixels (photo by Kel)

SFC participant's blog: Raj, Joo Hui, Yee Leng, Kong, Daniel, Azri, Lim, Kelvin

p/s: OMG! lengthy post! my first ever to write such a long post. Sorry for the broken kao-kao language. =)

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