Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Iron Man 3: My Way

Woot! Ironman 3 will be in Cinema this April! Cant wait ahhhh!

Wanna know more about the contest by Nuffnang? Click here!!!

Here's my customized Iron Man suit with extra chili powder, oh I mean super power wtf

I would name it Super Brinjal Ahmoh! You dont judge, it sound noob but it has superawesomebbqsaucewtf power okeh! This armor can make you run faster like bullet and shine like a diamond too. Some secret of this armor, it can grow brinjal from the back.. one day I can sell yongtaufoo.

I feel extra creative, so I have come out with this skeleton me with the armor.
Seeeee! cool anot... just do it (flex)(rock)(cool)

Choose me to win IM3 T-shirt yeah!


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