Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Genting Trip

VaMonday the 21st May 2007.. Choong, Chuah, Teo, and Me planed to Genting for 1 day trip since we had nothing to do during this bored holidays. It was a last minutes plan since Genting having a package promotions that including return skyway+bus and theme park ticket for Rm26 only (weekdays).

We planed to meet up at 7am at Chuah's house then go for breakfast and tickets at pudu. Ok, I was late about 15 minutes due to the stupiak jam.

Tiap-tiap hari pun ini macam.. /e5

After that we went to Pudu by LRT for our tickets but then Pudu there don't have this promotion. Sigh~ So we move on to KL Sentral to buy our tickets.

I wish to walk from Pasar Seni to KL Sentral.. /jump

Finally we bought our tickets..

Breakfast at McD's.. i'm lovin it..

Genting Skyway..afraid of height, felt like the gondola going to fall down.. @,@

Finally we reached Genting.. there's 1st World Hotel.. view from theme park

Outdoor Theme Park


My lunch.. mahal giler.. RM15+

Malas to write more bout genting edi.. ok, we back from genting around 7pm+, later met up with Pung's for dinner at Steven's Corner. 1 month+ didn't yumcha with him edi, after our dinner we bring Teo's to cut his hair.. we all shoot him to cut afro hairstyle. That time is about 10pm+, all saloon at genting klang has closed then we storm to wangsa maju saloon and all closed too.. sigh~ so end up beli cd's at BRJ..

Genting packages: RM 26
MacDonald's: RM 7.14
Burger King's: RM15.23
Arcade: RM 8
LRT: RM5.10
Steven's Corner: RM5.50

Total: RM 67

*bruised here and there.. both legs.. T.T


angelqiqi said...

didnt tag me along :/

Hon Mun said...


angelqiqi said...

-_- that's all ah ur photos? I never see ur face also -_-" where u stay?! steven's corner wo?

Hon Mun said...

i din upload all, some quality not nice.. taken from hp 1.. i'm from kepong.. xD

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