Saturday, June 9, 2007

back from space

Lunch at neway

Yeah! turning to 20 edi! dewasa edi..

birthday cake #1

birthday cake #2

birthday gift #1

birthday card from Farica

recently my kelazyness to blog increasing dramatically.. so just upload few photos to mencantikkan (beautify) my lil bloggie. Sekian terima kasih! =)

Ruums syiok!! nice place to lepak at night! but banyak lala's.. @.@

*Thanks for everything you guys have done for my birthday.. the sms,mms,gift,cake,liquor etc


Anonymous said...

i love the font in the "20"s picture!! what's the name anyway?

Hon Mun said...

the font name is "Cheri".. if u wan i can send to u.. =)

angelqiqi said...

i want bothh! u go whre download geh? i reformat computer then all my downloaded fonts GONE >_<

Hon Mun said... =)

Anonymous said...

i saw my card!!!!
otho im late to visit ur blog,i stil wana wish u

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