Thursday, June 14, 2007

Should I laughing (out loud) or what?

Today went to Jusco Wangsa Maju's for lunch with my gang. As usual we had our lunch at McD's. While we heading back to college, this happened! Kelakar? Cekap?


A blacky kenari was into a wrong directions.. swt! swt! The driver was a girl, quite lenglui I guess. Haha! I have no ideas how she can do this. Luckily it not happened on main road or else habislah!Is it this kind of driver that caused those accidents happens? @,@ Hmmm.. anyways.. I was laughing happily while saw this, LOL!. For god's sake, I on the spot grab out my phone and taken those pictures. *wink* Did you guys enjoy the pictures? hahahaha... Oh yeah! she's is from Tar College (saw the car sticker). Tarcians boleh! lalala~

*I know i'm bad.. (T.T) /erm
** to her (driver).. don't get mad IF you saw my post. be happy ok?

Omg! That kenari's babes going to kiss my cute cute car~


Anonymous said...

aiyo...y u go take photo??
dat ppl will feel so emberassed.. haha..

Anonymous said...

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