Tuesday, July 3, 2007

This is pOp!

Weeeee~ last sunday went to Jaya Jusco's kepong with my family and bought this:

Mini poppers! (minny + smashpOp)

In the freezer..

When saw this wall's mini pOppers booth, it's remind me of smashpOp... pOp! pOp! pOp! ahahahaha... I thought I met smahpOp tim... but it's mini and pOppers @.@

there's 18 poppers that separated into 6 packs

each packs got 3 poppers

the pOp!

with purchases of 2 boxes mini poppers you will get a free gift and a lucky draw...

the gift! love shape box...


aiyah! banyak "sueh" lah!! lucky draw got this notepad...

The main prize is a mini cooper.. T.T (tak ape lah! I owned a mini cooper edi.. satu cukup)

This poppers really yummylicious... sedap nyer~

*I finished all 18 poppers in 2 days... ehehehe! XD

"We believe that people need small moments of pleasure in their lives. Minis are perfect for those mini moments in front of the television, at the end of the day. Mini size, maximum pleasure."
- Wall's -


Anonymous said...

Lol.. so tell me.. how much Walls paid u for the advertisement? Hard sell betul.. /slap

Hon Mun said...

"each pic for rm10.. each words for rm0.10.." they gimme some free vouchers oso.. u wan? i kasi u la.. /slap

Anonymous said...

:O Oh no! U just ate Jason aka pop!

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