Friday, August 24, 2007

Health Awareness Campaign

"Health Awareness Campaign" organised by DPR2 students on 20th & 21st August 07. So on Monday, our gang went to this event, since Annie's got involved (support support la). Once you enter to the main door, you'll get lot flyers and they will stick you with sticker. Why? To get spotted and win some free gift/mystery gift. @.@

The stickers.. got sticked with ribbon but threw it edi!

Gift from Annie's booth after won the sucking water game @.@

The gifts...

myc magazine, lighter, fresh&white, gel, skin care sample,

VeGood, Appeton, Banana, Orangie, Snack

Group photo.. *the girl wasn't Annie*

During the event, we can check out our blood pressure, sugar level (can know whether got diabetes or not), skin care (lot people queue-ing, ALL girls.. @.@), etc
We got to play mambo dance too until back bone sakit.. /e5
MMMmmm.. that's all for now.. Good Nightzz

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