Saturday, September 8, 2007

Bebelated birthday gift

On merdeka eve, meet up with Yee Leng, MT and Kelvin at midvalley. MT's was driving on that day, Wahhhh! *act suprise*. So there is 2 car then we headed to Sunway for steamboat.

This chicken wings really the nice!

before start eating, they present me my bebelated birthday gift.

Bottle! Happy! Gembira! i like it can?
it's 2am now, time to study! 2 more papers to go!

*Thanks for the pressie! really like it lar, although the pic very fake. =)



YeeLeng said...

/slap /slap /slap...
itu bottle nice what...

Anonymous said...

Why the last pic blur your face already? Is it no face to see us?

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