Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pavilion Day 2

The next day went to Pavilion again! Penny said she not feeling well so only 3 of us going for the free movies again. Reach their bout 6.15pm like that, and all the tickets already finished redeems. I cant watch free movie for 2nd time :(

Oh YEah! Pavilion parking isn't that expensive after 5pm ..
Maximum rate only RM5! for weekdays.

Entrance to Pavilion Parking
entrance to Pavilion parking

Entering to Pavilion parking
Welcome to Pavilion KL

Camwhoring with Parking Ticket
Posing with ticket

Since we didn't manage to watch movie, we go for curry fish balls which is located at Lowyat. guess everyone's know where is this place...

Curry fishballs
nice! sedap!

Curry fishballs 2

after curry fish balls we went to Jln Alor for dinner... no pics from there and... sigh~

then we head back to Pavilion for J.CO donuts!!! omg! giler donuts edi can!?

3 of Us
MunThong, Rainbow and Me

HonMUn and MunThong
Me and MunThong... J.CO again? *thumbs up*

Rainbow and HonMun
Rainbow and HonMun

*pic removed*
Rainbow and MunThong

Half dozen of J.CO
Half dozen of J.CO

Last but not least....
Me with J.CO donuts!!
Posing with Donuts


Anonymous said...

Wah, 1st time c ppl posing with a parking tix! haha... creative betul... >,< Thanks for ur VALUABLE info on da parking rate... cuz my 1st time there cost me RM13.00 juz for parking! -_-" Wei... dun eat 'pirated ' Donut La... support ORI... hehe
dun forget our date to PAVILION ya... u plan plan liao juz let me know...

Hon Mun said...

Wah!! my 1st time receive such a long comment eh.. ahaha!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

J.CO? whats the difference between J.Co and Apple?
i tried the donutsss and its soooooooooooooooooooooooooo delicious.. im soooooooooooo want to eat NOW XD

Hon Mun said...

the name different, but the donuts is the same quality...

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