Sunday, December 30, 2007

Eye on Malaysia

Thanks to my neighbour for the free tickets to Eye on Malaysia. Since it's free, I called Kelvin, mt, 20, and Dylan to join. 5 of us went there after back from Pc Fair. Reach there around 9pm +, the queue was quite very long but luckily there is a lane for whoever got tickets to queue. express lane eh? Seriously, this eye on malaysia not as fun I expected. Just pusing for 5 rounds then finish, can get your ass off liao. *Not worth*

Eye on Malaysia 1
Me with tickets

Eye on Malaysia 2

Eye on Malaysia 3
5 of us

Eye on Malaysia 4
HonMun, MunThong, Dylan

Eye on Malaysia 5

Eye on Malaysia 6

Eye on Malaysia 7

Eye on Malaysia 8

That's all for now!
tomorrow is Penny birthday! so Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

post all my ugly pics.. =="

Hon Mun said...

don have nice 1.. terpaksa post ugly 1 la..

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