Thursday, January 24, 2008

Another day

Yesterday's went to Megan Avenue II for an interview. e-Century was the company name, basically this company is more on mobile, I meant what they do is more on mobile. but me not really like to do mobile stuff like touch up mobile wallpapers, animation in mobile, and so on. The things I like is working hours from Mon-Fri with casual attire.

Actually I much prefer to do like designing webpage stuff, and I have this company call e-World . Feel like joining this company but then i just don really like the working hours from Mon-Sat in formal attire.

then this afternoon I received a call from e-century regarding my interns, they do accept me and my reply for them is "family issue that i cannot reveal" will confirm you by this monday.

am I too choosy? Yes u're
I just cant make my decision where to go...
I know it's just for 3 month training, but i hope in the 3 month can learn more things to help me in my pathway.

Slap me can?

e-century 1

e-century 1

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