Thursday, January 17, 2008

Calling from BertComm

So this evening while i'm sleeping syiok syiok, dream syiok syiok... suddenly my phone rang maciam kena rogol, me also fai fai pick up the call and there is a girl voice... *blink*

BertComm: I'm calling from BertComm, is this Mr.Loh Hon Mun?
Me: huh? BertComm
meh lei geh?

*refreshing my mind for a sec*

Me: Oh Yeah.. BertComm.. ok
BertComm: Regarding your internship, could you start ur intern by this 20th January?
Me: mmm.. I can't make it wor... after CNY can?
BertComm: errr.. like that ar.. i will let you know in these few days.
Me: oh ok.. tq! *fai fai hand up the call*


then continue sleeepppzzzz... I was totally blur when answering her question... aihzz..



Anonymous said...

Once she said "i will let you know in these few days", perhaps there is no hope anymore. :P lol

YeeLeng said...

20th Jan??? She wants you to start work on Sunday??? Woah...

Hon Mun said...

if tarak, find another comp lor.. XD

she want me start work after my exam, but I tarak itu feel mau start early leh.. =(

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