Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A day with Yogurt Ice Cream.

*on Yogurt mode*
last saturday went to Times Square
with Marilyn, Penny and Dylan
to shop for Cassie's birthday gift..
spotted this cafe named "Yogur Berry",
Marilyn says it was nice, so pigi cuba lor...

1 - Yogur Berry

3 - Yogur Berry
*Frozen Yogurt-Double with fruit toppings*

2 - Yogur Berry
*Frozen Yogurt-Single with fruit & dry toppings*

4 - Yogur Berry

5 - Yogur Berry
*habis makan.. yumss..*

6 - Yogur Berry
*Yogur Berry's opposite of GSC level 1*

7 - Yogur Berry
*inner looks of Yogur Berry*

8 - Yogur Berry
*Yogurt Ice Cream pricelist*

9 - Yogur Berry
*fruit toppings*

10 - Yogur Berry
*syrup toppings*

firstly, choose your choice of yogurt ice cream,
then your toppings,
then bayar..!

btw.. frozen yogurt-single with fruit & dry toppings was FREE!

Siapa mahu yogurt with me? Jom pigi!


Anonymous said...

lol....is quite nice lar...bt abit too expensive ler...

vertexdesign said...

no cal me go ! so sui ~ blek

Hon Mun said...

yuensum: but very nice le.. /gt

cheekin: LoL.. go try leh, very nice..

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