Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Classic Cheese

Happy 1st Birthday to munster0606.blogspot..

Blog 1st Birthday - 13 May

a day late to post about this, date 13 of May which is my blog 1 year old. feel like buying a cake to post with. anyway, i damn tiring now.. another makan makan, jalan jalan outings..

I ate durian durian durian!! durian! damn nice.. long time din eat liao.. XD

it's time to sleep now, good nitez everyone & happy 1st baladay to my blog.


Chee Ching said...

Happpy birthday ahaks!
I prefer rambutan more :D

Hon Mun said...

chingy: tqtq! now durian season, support durian.. =p

Anonymous said...

happy burfday to u
happy burfday to u
happy burfday to munster0606
happy burfday to u!!!

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