Friday, May 9, 2008

Madam Lim's Kitchen

Last week, me and friends went for lunch, planned to makan in Jusco Maluri. This was the place we went to - Madam Lim's Kitchen. Situated next to Ichiban Ramen and in front of Jusco's Food Court.

Madam Lim's Kitchen - 1

They serves variety of Chinese, Thai and Nyonya cuisine. I love their Tom Yam Soup!

Madam Lim's Kitchen - 2
This was the atmosphere in Madam Lim's Kitchen

PeyWen, Penny, and Marilyn =.=

Madam Lim's Kitchen - 4
WeeYen, HonMun, and Salty Pig Hand

here's come the foods we ordered;

1) Menu
2) Soup of the day (nin ngao fah sang) - RM000

3) Malacca Char Mee - RM590
4) Siam Style Fried Rice - RM590

5) Tou Fu Tou Fu - RM690
6) Tom Yam Noodle Soup - RM590 *damn nice*

Madam Lim's Kitchen - 5

Madam Lim's Kitchen - 6
drinks; Jasmine Green Tea (rm150), Chocolate Blended, Asam Black Tea (rm150)

Madam Lim's Kitchen - 7
you even can enjoy 10% discount from madam lim's by showing ur J-card or student card.

omg! i'm hungry now..
seriously lor, i damn like their tomyam soup..


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